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What's the best gift for your girlfriend on Chinese Valentine's Day 2018

Chinese Valentine's Day is a very romantic festival in China. It has beautiful legends and is the most romantic festival in China. How about giving presents on the Chinese Valentine's day? What's the gift for your girlfriend on Chinese Valentine's day? Let's have a look.

What's the present for the Chinese Valentine's Day

Girls like the best, not necessarily the most expensive, but with heart.

1. Rose: Needless to say, if I am a regular person, I will send her roses. On weekdays, she doesn't like flowers, of course, she doesn't like roses. But last Valentine's day I saw something called envy in her eyes. But I don't think I will give her a handful of roses. If I want to give her a rose, I will give her a rose, or a car or a boat. You know what I mean.

2. Ring: if I was a scheming person, I would give her a ring. Gold is too tacky, diamonds are too expensive, just send platinum, a small circle, let's catch her first. Don't get me wrong, the ring is not a trap. Even if it is, what's wrong with this love trap? If Platinum is not good, then send ivory, it seems to have taste. This is the heaviest gift among the top ten gifts that must be given on Valentine's day.

3, perfume: if I am a very fashionable person, I will send her perfume. Because I heard that the smell of Qi is the thing that can be kept for the longest in people's memory. Unfortunately, my knowledge of perfume is limited, and I can give her a pleasant surprise when I figure it out. From then on, I can be intoxicated in this familiar taste.

4. Jewelry: Qixi jewelry is also a good choice. If Tiffany, Cartier and Bvlgari can't afford it. Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng and Zhou Dasheng, the three brothers of Zhou family, who are shining with gold in the mall, can cope with it.

5. Big meal: take your beloved girl to a romantic restaurant or her favorite restaurant to prepare a big dinner. Girls always like to eat, especially delicious food. After dinner, we can go out and play together again, leaving a good night for both sides.

What's the best gift for a girlfriend on Chinese Valentine's Day

The best and most practical is the red envelope, which is the most practical.

1. You can customize gifts, which are more specific. Like necklaces, bracelets, crystal ornaments, etc.

2. Can also send her always like, always yearning to have but never get. Give it to her on Chinese Valentine's day. I'll satisfy her a little.

3. You can also send yourself a sweet Tanabata trip. It's also good for two people to go to a place with beautiful scenery and experience the world of two people.

4. Flowers, cakes and rings, of course. This kind of gift is the girl yearns for. You can DIY flowers by yourself, if you have time and money.

5. A classic pearl necklace. Pearl color is bright and lustrous, long-term wear is not only good for human body, but also the feeling of wearing pearl is very elegant. So you might as well try to choose a pearl necklace for your girlfriend, maybe there will be unexpected gains.

The origin of Qixi Festival

Qixi Festival, the earliest festival originated from the Han Dynasty, at this time, women put on tributes, prayed to the sky, prayed to Zhinv to make themselves smart and handy. In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the earliest record of Qixi Festival was recorded. Qixi Festival originated from the worship of nature by human beings. In ancient literature, it can be explained that, three or four thousand years ago, people as well as know about Altair and Vega. Qixi is also related to the worship of time. Qihe period has the same sound. Therefore, the ancient people often used seven generations to calculate the time. In Tang and Song poetry, Qixi and women's begging also appeared many times.

During the Tang Dynasty, the emperor and his concubines had a banquet on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, while the palace maids worshipped the heaven and begged for luck. This custom was also widely spread among the people and lasted for a long time. In song and Yuan Dynasties, Qixi Qiqiao was very grand, and there was Qiqiao city in the city. On the eve of Tanabata, the city of Qiqiao is almost as crowded as the Spring Festival, which also shows that the ancients attach great importance to Tanabata. After that, there will be a fairy love story of Cowherd and weaver girl, which will be integrated into the Qiqiao Festival. Later, there will be girls who are not out of the pavilion looking up to the sky, praying that they can also find a happy husband and achieve a happy marriage.