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How many robots do peace elites have in a game? How do peace elites distinguish robots

How many robots are there in the peace elite game? How can the peace elite distinguish robots now the popular chicken eating game is Tencent's "peace elite". Although the game is very popular, there must be many human-computer games. I believe that when many players play, they can occasionally feel why this person does not shoot when standing in front of me. In fact, he is a robot! So we're matching players. How many real players out of 100 are machines? Why set up man-machine? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

What is the proportion of human and machine in 100 people

After many tests by netizens and exchanges with friends, the man-machine in "peace elite" is related to the level of players! For example, for bronze level xiaomengxin, the proportion of human-machine encounter is about 1:8.5, that is to say, there are 85 human-machine encounters in bronze xiaomengxin's new round of 100 people!

The proportion of silver level is about 1:75. There are 100 people in a game, and 75 are human-machine!

The proportion of gold level is about 1:6. There are about 60 people in a game!

Platinum level ratio is about 1:4.5, a bureau of 100 people, about 45 people!

Why to set up man-machine

1. Consider the player experience. Let's say that if a cute new parachute jumper lands soon or even just after landing, he will be killed into a box by an expert. Mengxin's game experience will be very poor. He will go back to the desktop and delete the game! The existence of human-computer can enhance the new game experience, increase the game preference, and gradually reduce the number of human-computer according to different levels, to enhance the game experience!

2. Reduce matching time! In the view of writing, people who play games with mobile phones use 'fragmentation time'. If the long-term match, the waiting time will certainly be extended, which is not conducive to the game experience.

How to distinguish between human and machine in 100 people?

Fixed bleeding

The robot has a feature that it's fixed to lose blood when hitting people. About 10 blood points per shot? Very few. This is also to ensure that players survive and can successfully kill robots (this fixed blood loss, naked and armour seems to be so many). If someone shoots you several times and can't kill you, it must be a robot

Poor equipment

Sometimes we eliminate an inexplicable enemy. When we lick the bag, we find a gun, several bullets and a pile of miscellaneous junk. This is not the case with normal players. There is no doubt that robots

Do strange things

Robots do strange things because of bugs and settings. For example, jumping around in front of a small platform is not going up, or walking around like a card in a doorway & hellip; & hellip;