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What is the medicinal value of loquat leaves

Loquat is a nutritious and healthy fruit. Loquat is a treasure all over the body, especially its leaves. It has a very high medicinal value. What are the effects and functions of loquat leaves? What are the effects of loquat leaves boiling water?

Effect and function of loquat leaf

It can be harvested and dried all year round. However, it is necessary to brush off the hair on the leaf surface before slicing it for raw or honey roasting. Loquat leaves made by different processing methods are also different. They can be divided into loquat leaves, stir fried loquat leaves and honey loquat leaves. After processing, they should be stored in dry containers.

Loquat leaves are leathery, so they are brittle, easy to break, slightly bitter in taste, slightly cold in nature, and slightly weak in Qi, which can lead to lung and stomach meridian. It is better to be complete and gray green. It has the effect of clearing the lung and relieving cough, and stomach diuresis and thirst.

1. Loquat leaf can clear lung heat and reduce lung qi. It is often used to treat lung heat cough, multi-color yellow phlegm, persistent cough, pertussis in children and other diseases.

2. Loquat leaves can relieve heat and bitterness, reduce stomach qi, and thus stop nausea. It can be used to treat nausea caused by stomach heat.

3. Can quench thirst, can treat thirsty symptoms, as well as lung wind face sores, acne and so on.

The effect of loquat leaf boiling water

Loquat leaves contain tannin, saponin, amygdalin, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid, vitamin C, vitamin BL and other ingredients, which can moisten the lungs and dissipate phlegm, relieve cough and asthma, relieve heat and stomach. Besides making medicine, loquat leaves can also be soaked in water at ordinary times.

1. Loquat leaf boiling water can prevent cold and flu, treat lung heat and phlegm cough, clear lung and stop cough.

2. Can also diuresis, thirst, Qingre, antitussive, but also can treat hemoptysis, hematemesis, nausea and so on.

3. Loquat leaf material can promote digestion, drink some before meals can also increase satiety.

However, people with cough and vomiting due to cold lung should not take loquat leaves.