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What do you need to bring for military training in 2018

What do you need to bring for the military training of the university list of necessary items for the military training of the University in 2018 the summer vacation is coming to an end, and universities are about to welcome a new batch of college students. For freshmen, the first threshold is military training. Military training is also to cultivate college students' hard-working and collective consciousness. So what does military training need to bring? Let's have a look.

1. Girls prepare some sunscreen, or they will have to be sunburned. Boys who are afraid of sunburn can also take some, mainly smear on their arms and faces, because they usually wear camouflage for training, long sleeved trousers, camouflage hat, and few parts can be sunburned.

2. A larger water cup, military training is very hard and tired, will drink a lot of water, 4 or 5 bottles of mineral water is a very normal amount, of course, if you have more money, buy water to drink, girls can prepare some brown sugar water.

3. Suitable shoes and insoles, shoes must fit, or the feet will easily blister when pulling. If you don't need to wear military shoes, you'd better buy a pair of breathable and sweat absorbing & hellip; hellip; padded insoles to make your feet comfortable when you practice. It's not bad to say that there are schoolmates on the insoles which are used by girls.

4. Heatstroke medicine, especially in September, is still over 35 degrees in the whole country. It's easy to get heatstroke. Even some people faint during military training.

5. Take a small bag of paper towels to wipe sweat. It's not too hard to sweat like running water during military training. Of course, you need to use them when you go to the toilet.

Some things that need to be prepared in the dormitory during military training

1. Anti mosquito medicine, mosquito bites, especially those who need military training in the evening, with dew and white flower oil. It can dispel mosquitoes and relieve itching, and has the effect of refreshing.

2. Antiphlogistic drugs, prepare erythromycin and other antiphlogistic drugs, the skin is very fragile and easy to break after soaking in sweat.

3. Vitamin C tablets, calcium tablets and various nutrients, such as vitamin functional drinks, red bull, nutrition express and so on. During military training, physical consumption is quite large.

4. Watermelon frost and other lozenges, military training often have activities such as playing songs, so let go of singing, singing and roaring, singing and laughing, of course, it is easy to cause hoarseness.

5. Sewing bags, military training inevitably a lot of sports, clothes and so on, crotch is often broken, sewing bags are used.

6. Other drugs

Cold medicine, band aid and other regular little things

Antidiarrheal, many students go to other cities to go to university, it is easy to acclimatize, diarrhea is a common thing.

Painkillers for girls

7. Prepare more underwear and underpants. It's too hot. You often need to take a shower. Sometimes you don't have time to wash your clothes or wear them without drying them.

8. Small amount of food: compressed biscuits, pickles, dried beef, etc. for emergency.

9. It's a pity that we didn't leave some photos during the military training.