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What's the meaning of drama essence? What's the origin of drama essence

What is the essence of drama? What does it mean? Where does it come from

Sihaiwang: Recently, the word "drama elite" is very popular. The original meaning is excessive performance, or acting craziness. Through the evolution of netizens, it refers to the people who add drama to themselves when they don't agree with each other in their lives, who exaggerate their acting skills and attract the attention of people around them. Let's see the origin of the word "Jingjing"!

In the world of life, all depends on acting. In the entertainment circle, it is necessary to start the small theater in the brain, which makes it difficult to distinguish the true from the false. However, the melon eaters are not without judgment. Once someone plays the role of fire, they will be identified. This situation, formerly known as' over acting ', now has a more vivid adjective - drama. 'just play more' is the most common sentence pattern, which is used to express all kinds of nameless' ha ha 'or' ha ha '.

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