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How to clean and maintain the diamond ring

How to clean and maintain the diamond ring

Sihaiwang: the combination of diamond ring symbols, as the saying goes: a diamond will last forever. Diamond is the hardest material on the earth. It also means that it is stronger than gold and very expensive. However, if the ring is not maintained properly, it will become dim and dull. How to maintain the diamond ring? How to clean the diamond and it will become very shiny?

1、 Diamond ring storage

Diamond ring how to maintain the environment is the premise. Diamond rings should be wrapped in soft handkerchief and placed in jewelry box or transparent plastic bag instead of in artificial plastic box. It is recommended to clean them with soft cloth first, and do not stack diamond rings together. Diamonds can bear sharp scraping and have a high degree of friction, but the friction between diamonds will damage diamond rings.

2、 Diamond ring daily use

How to maintain the diamond ring needs to pay attention to the usual details. Diamond rings are easy to hang on clothes, which will cause diamonds to loosen and scratch clothes, so you should wear diamond rings after wearing clothes everyday. When washing articles and making up, the diamond ring should be removed, because the detergent and cosmetics contain certain acid and alkali, which will cause corrosion.

3、 Diamond ring cleaning

Buy brand-name genuine jewelry cleaning solution or 1:6 ratio of chlorine water solution to clean diamonds at home, you can use a soft brush to gently scrub, which can remove most stains, and greatly improve the brightness of diamonds. But don't scratch the metal bracket.

4、 Diamond ring repair and maintenance

In addition to the above three points, how to maintain the diamond ring is also related to maintenance, because regular maintenance can ensure the luster and integrity of the diamond ring. For diamond rings that are often worn, it is recommended that you go to the after-sales maintenance center of GD diamond world for inspection every three months. Experienced users can check the diamonds and inlays for looseness and wear, so as to repair them in time. At the same time, polish the scratch, corrosion and natural oxide layer on the surface of K-gold and platinum drill support again to restore as new.