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What harm does tooth extraction do to the body? What should we pay attention to after tooth extracti

In general, people seldom pull out their teeth. It must be necessary to pull them out. So we all know that tooth extraction is not good, what is bad tooth extraction in the end? What should we pay attention to after tooth extraction? Follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Will tooth extraction change face shape

Generally, it doesn't change the shape of the face. In fact, it doesn't have much use. The shape of the face has grown well in adulthood.

The patient's worry is that the redundant wisdom teeth will not affect the face shape, but it does not rule out that the inflammation will cause the face swelling after the wisdom teeth are pulled out, and the temporary facial swelling will occur, but it does not change the face shape of the patient not to worry too much, this situation can also be alleviated in time. After the wisdom teeth are pulled out, the anti-inflammatory measures should be taken as soon as possible Doctor's order to take medicine, at the same time, after pulling wisdom teeth for a short time, it's better not to eat too hard food, it's better to eat light and certain, so it's better for teeth.

In general, there are some small bloodshot in the first two days after wisdom tooth extraction, and it is also a normal phenomenon that the teeth have slight pain. However, if there is too much bleeding after two or three days, and the pain is especially severe, it may be caused by infection after wisdom tooth extraction. It is recommended to pull out the teeth After the drop, take some anti-inflammatory drugs to regulate, generally using metronidazole and Cefradine drug relief methods.

What's the harm of tooth extraction

After tooth extraction, pay attention to rest with medicine and keep your mouth clean. Generally, there will be no big problem, but there will still be some problems.

1. Cause wound infection: after tooth extraction, if the wound is not anti-inflammatory, it may cause wound inflammation and infection.

2. Bleeding from the wound: bleeding from tooth extraction is a common phenomenon. After tooth extraction, the wound does not get effective healing and eating hard food will cause bleeding from the wound.

3. Cause gum swelling: when pulling out a tooth, if the soft tissue and bone around the tooth are damaged, it will cause gum swelling.

4. Damage to the tooth nerve: if the tooth extraction position is close to the nerve, the tooth extraction may damage the nerve.

5. Cause tooth displacement: after tooth extraction, if there is no timely planting of teeth in the missing area, it will cause the displacement of adjacent teeth (the adjacent teeth will occupy the missing part), and then cause tooth thinning.

6. Cause tooth pain: after a few days of tooth extraction, persistent sharp pain appeared in the wound beard and released to the ear and jaw, local lymph node swelling, tenderness, mouth opening limitation and temperature rise. If the blood supply is insufficient, it may also cause alveolar osteitis.

Precautions after tooth extraction

1. First of all, the most important thing is to calm down and listen to the doctor carefully after tooth extraction, which is very important.

2. It's better not to eat in 2 hours. On the same day, you should eat soft food, liquid or semi liquid. It's better to eat warm and cold food instead of hard and overheated food. Chew on the other side.

3. Do not rinse or spit on the same day to prevent bleeding or infection. Do not repeatedly suck or spit out blood clots due to the smell of blood in the mouth, which will cause the wound not to heal.

4. Don't brush your teeth that day. Don't suck. No instruments.

5. Within 1 week after tooth extraction, it is normal that there is bloodshot in the saliva. If there is more than one bleeding, go to the hospital for examination.

6. Try to exercise less and speak less on the day of tooth extraction. Avoid smoking, drinking and spicy food.

7. If there are sutures in the mouth during tooth extraction, the sutures can be removed only after 4-5 days.

8. Pay attention to the wound condition after tooth extraction. If there is a lot of bleeding, get medical examination in time. The gauze or cotton ball on the wound after tooth extraction can only be vomited after about half an hour. Do not bite too tightly or for too long. A small amount of blood in saliva within 24 hours is normal.

9. In general, the routine antibiotics can not be used for tooth extraction. If the wisdom teeth or the traumatic teeth are extracted, the antibiotics must be taken orally. If the symptoms are aggravated, the antibiotics can be infused intravenously.

10. It is recommended to use the special natural mouthwash tea, which is provided by our department on the day of tooth extraction. Five ml of the original solution is contained in the mouth for five minutes, and then spit out. After spitting out, it is not necessary to clean the mouth with water. It can be repeated many times a day, and it can be continuously used to rinse the mouth from the second day, which can reduce the postoperative reaction.

11. In addition to the third molars and supernumerary teeth, dentures are generally installed in adults after tooth extraction. The teeth should be inlaid (except for impacted teeth) about 2 months after tooth extraction to avoid the lodging of adjacent teeth.

12. After tooth extraction, you can take a half lying position to rest, do not lie on your back, do not take a hot bath immediately, so as to avoid bleeding from the wound.