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How about getting a marriage certificate on Chinese Valentine's Day

The Valentine's day of Chinese Valentine's Day is coming in 2018. Many couples are waiting for the day to come. It sounds very memorable to get a marriage certificate on Chinese Valentine's day. How about the process of getting a marriage certificate on Chinese Valentine's day?

Can I get a marriage certificate on Chinese Valentine's Day 2018?

The Chinese Valentine's Day is on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. The Chinese Valentine's day in 2018 is on August 17, which happens to be Friday. It's the time for the Civil Affairs Bureau to work. It's certifiable. In addition, the host of the wedding in Shanghai found that according to the perpetual calendar, the Chinese Valentine's Day is also a traditional auspicious day, which is suitable for marriage. From this point of view, it is an excellent and rare day to get a certificate.

Certification process of the Chinese Valentine's Day 2018

1、 Appointment

This is the most important step before registration! New people need to make an online appointment on the official website of the Civil Affairs Bureau two working days in advance, and the acceptance date is within one month. Only if the appointment is successful, the staff will accept it on the Chinese Valentine's day. Otherwise, hurry to the Civil Affairs Bureau on Chinese Valentine's day, and the staff in charge of registration will not allow you to register!

2、 Registration conditions

Only in line with the registration conditions prescribed by law can registration be carried out, otherwise, concealing their own information for registration is an invalid marriage.

1. Failing to reach the legal age for marriage;

2. Involuntary;

3. Having a spouse;

4. Belonging to lineal blood relatives or collateral blood relatives within three generations;

5. Suffering from diseases that are medically considered to be unworthy of marriage.

3、 Registration materials

1. Household register or certificate of both parties

2. ID card of both men and women or temporary ID card within the validity period

3. Remarriage requires a divorce certificate or related documents (certificate of dissolution of husband and wife relationship, legal judgment, etc.)

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4、 Procedure

1. Application: both men and women who want to get married must hold their own household registration certificate and resident identity card, and sign a statement that they have no spouse, no direct blood relationship with the other party and no collateral blood relationship within three generations. Apply for marriage registration at the marriage registration authority of one party's registered permanent residence. Shanghai wedding host to remind you that when applying for registration, both men and women must be present at the same time.

2. Examination: the registration authority shall examine the marriage application of both parties.

3. Registration: after examination, if the marriage registration authority considers that the marriage conditions are met, it shall approve the registration and issue a marriage certificate. If the marriage registration authority fails to register with it, it shall issue a written explanation of the reasons for the failure.