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How to correct the hump and how to prevent it

Hunchback problem is a problem that many people have. It is also very bad for the body organs to affect the image. So how to correct hunchback? Does not pillow pillow when sleeping can correct hunchback? Let's get to know.

How to correct the hunchback

Still want to pay attention to the exercise of daily life, walking posture also needs to be corrected. The following actions can help correct the hump.

1. Pay attention to correct body posture, no matter standing or walking at ordinary times, the chest is naturally straight, and the shoulders are naturally stretched back. Sit with your spine straight. Don't look down too much when reading or writing, let alone lie on the table.

2. Do corrective gymnastics on the basis of comprehensive exercise. There are many kinds of corrective gymnastics, including various forms of unarmed exercises and corrective exercises using various sports equipment.

3. On the supine bed, put 6-10cm-thick objects on the protruding part of the hunchback, relax the whole body, straighten the arms naturally, palms up and shoulders back, so as to keep the supine for more than 5 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

4. Tie a thing (not too hard) on the back of the chair, such as a small leather ball. People are sitting in the chair L, with their hips inside as much as possible, their backs against the object, their hands back on the back of the chair, and then try to clamp their arms inside, and raise their heads and chest. 4 beats completed once, 6-8 times.

5. Open your legs, raise your arms horizontally in front of you, then open your arms to the side to expand your chest, and then restore them. Repeat 16 times and 20 times. It is required to expand the chest backward quickly and with a certain strength. When expanding the chest, raise the head, hold the chest straight and close the abdomen.

Can I sleep with a hunchback without a pillow

In fact, it doesn't matter if it's bright. We should pay attention to the specific treatment of hunchback. Sleeping without pillows is a problem for cervical spine.

1. The hunchback is mainly caused by the weakness of the back muscles and the weakness of the back muscles due to the injury of the thoracic ligaments. There is not much connection between the two. Moreover, the long-term use of pillows will cause the increase of the cervical pressure and the decrease of the joint stability.

2. Young people's hunchback is also known as' juvenile hunchback '. The lesions mainly involved the middle and lower thoracic vertebrae. The lesions occurred in the second ossification center of the vertebral body, that is, the epiphyseal plates above and below the vertebral body. The posterior curvature of the thoracolumbar spine makes the pressure in front of the vertebral body greater than that in the rear. The necrosis of the epiphysis in front affects the development of the height of the anterior half of the vertebral body.

3. Postural hunchback, caused by poor posture, is more common in teenagers; paralytic hunchback, caused by weakness of trunk muscles due to some diseases. Compensatory hunchbacks are often secondary to the excessive protrusion of the lumbar spine. These hunchbacks are characterized by a soft back, which can be corrected by movement. X-ray showed no epiphysis change.

How to prevent hunchback

1. Professional physical training refers to the physical training of dance. As we all know, dancers' posture is the best. In addition to their own excellent conditions, professional body training methods are more important. The dance industry is called "plastic surgery". The method of professional body training is: standing, heel close together, toes of feet open 180 degrees outwards, into a word, the term is "one".

2. Some people may have a very bad habit of operating computers. For example, when using computers, the distance between the chest and the desktop is very close, and the distance between the eyes and the computer screen is very close. In this way, poor sitting posture can easily lead to stooping and hunchback. If the time is too long, the stooping and hunchback posture will be fixed, so it will be hunchback. So, forming the right posture of using computer can prevent hunchback very well.

3. Make sure you get enough sleep and nutrition. When you feel very energetic and refreshed, you will not be easily discouraged. You will not be able to stand up for laziness. When you walk, keep your back straight subconsciously. When you get used to it, you will not hunchback.