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What disease is Mongolian Cattle anthrax? Symptoms of cattle anthrax

Recently, it was reported that 9 cattle died of suspected bovine anthrax in Mongolia, 8 people were infected with suspected cutaneous anthrax, and all of them were hospitalized for effective treatment. Many people wondered what the disease was and what the symptoms of bovine anthrax were?

What is anthrax of Mongolian Cattle

Anthrax is a bacterial infectious disease, which can be prevented, controlled and treated. As long as we do not contact, kill, eat or trade dead animals and products, it will not cause infection. Please do not panic.

What is anthrax? Experts say it's an acute infectious disease caused by anthrax bacteria in human and livestock. Early detection, early treatment and high cure rate

What are the symptoms of cattle anthrax

Anthrax is a zoonosis caused by anthrax, cattle, sheep, camels, mules and other herbivores are the main source of infection. It mainly occurs in herdsmen and workers related to fur, meat, livestock and other occupations. Its clinical features are typical dark red blood blister, obvious swelling of surrounding soft tissue, accompanied by serious systemic symptoms.

According to the official report, anthrax is a natural focus disease, which is susceptible to herbivores such as cattle and sheep. Human skin anthrax is mainly caused by contact with the fur of animals.