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How to express your love on the seventh day of 2018

Chinese Valentine's Day is a traditional Chinese Valentine's day. Many people will choose to spend this day with their loved ones, and some people will also express their love. How can a boy express his love successfully on Chinese Valentine's day? Do you have a confession strategy? Of course there is!

Is the success rate of Chinese Valentine's Day confession high

If you think that the other party is also a little friendly to you, the success rate of the expression on the Chinese Valentine's day may be a little higher than usual. When the Chinese Valentine's day comes, you can see that other couples are showing their love. The general people's psychology is a little touched. Now, I'm going to teach you how to improve the success rate of expressing love on Chinese Valentine's Day!

1. Take the chance to say it on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the choice of most people. Many single men and women want to end their single life on this day. Data shows that 50% of men choose to express their love on this day, and the success rate of expressing love is also very high! So, this Chinese Valentine's day, seize the opportunity!

2. Confession at night

Scientific research shows that after dark, people's emotions will become richer and more easily moved. Therefore, the success rate of expressing love at night will be much higher than that during the day.

3. To the right of each other

The right ear is more capable of transmitting information than the left. Generally speaking, people prefer to listen with the right ear. Expressing your love on the right side of the other person can convey your heart.

4. Speak louder when you say it

The voice of confession is too small for the other party to hear clearly, which may make the other party become impatient. And the voice is too small to be confident. Anyone wants their partner to be confident. Speaking out loud not only shows confidence, but also shows your strong desire to the other party.

5. Flowers are the key

Flowers can create a romantic atmosphere, but also easier to get the good feeling of women. In a scientific experiment, five men invited 600 women to chat up in front of flower shop, bakery and shoe shop respectively. The results showed that the success rate of chat up in front of flower shop was the highest.

Chinese Valentine's Day 2018

Give away the house -- the most local pride's confession

It is said that marriage is the tomb of love, but on the way from love to marriage, if there is a house, it is not necessary to live in a 'grave'. Tanabata advertising house, this is absolutely the most local pride in the history of advertising, there is no one. Friendship tips, this only applies to local tyrants.

Face to face -- the boldest confession

Like a person, is a very good thing. Love is to say it out loud! Four eyes are opposite, express your love to her sincerely. 90% of girls are very difficult to parry such a killing move. And it shows that you are responsible and manly. Of course, it's embarrassing if you're talking to the remaining 10%.

Handwritten love letter -- the most artistic expression

If you don't have the courage to say it face to face, you can choose to write a love letter and write your mind on paper. You can choose the most popular form of "three element love letter". Although it's short, it's concise and it's also the most touching. The most important thing is to write by hand, and carefully select the color and material of the paper.

Friend circle advertisement -- the most fashionable expression

The circle of friends can not only be used as a 'World Tour', but also as a unique and fashionable way of advertising. You can send out soft love advertisement, and start your omnipotent circle of friends to help you forward and bless your love; another novel way is to design a two-dimensional code of "Rose". When the other party scans your romantic two-dimensional code, you can see what you want to advertise.

Customized chocolate -- the sweetest expression

The bitter and sweet chocolate is just like love. You can customize a chocolate for her that belongs to you only. For example, 'talking chocolate', write your advertising love words on chocolate, and tell her your tenderness through chocolate. According to Xiaobian's understanding of the girls around you, no girl doesn't like chocolate. As a "sharp tool" to express your love on the Chinese Valentine's day, you have already succeeded in half.

Singing love songs -- the most exciting expression

Sing a love song and you can surprise her if you have a planned date. Build a small stage, choose her favorite love songs, play guitar, and tell her affectionate. Although Xiaobian hasn't experienced it, she has made up for the happy scene where you like her tears because she is moved. Playing and singing love songs is the most attentive way to express love.

Rose confession -- the most traditional expression

Rose is the flower of love. In Greek mythology, rose is not only the embodiment of the God of beauty, but also the blood of the God of love. It combines love and beauty, and is the most traditional way to express love. On the Chinese Valentine's day, roses are the beginning of every advertisement and are indispensable.

The best wine -- the most intoxicating expression

"Wine + flowers" has always been the standard match for Valentine's day. When I'm drunk, I'll summon up my courage and say what I have in mind! Even if you fail, you can also blame alcohol. A sentence of "I seem to be a little drunk" can be used to avoid embarrassing scenes. Don't worry that there is no room for meeting in the future.

Video recording -- the most sincere expression

Video recording is suitable for the shy emperor. In the video, describe the big and small beautiful and interesting things that happened from the time you met to the time you met each other, say what you have in mind, and express your consistent mind to her. Don't miss some small details, and impress her with details and sincerity.

Heart shaped candle -- the warmest expression

Put the candle in the shape of love heart to express their love. Many little friends may think it's too 'vulgar'. But as long as people have experienced it, they will feel the warm and moving brought by the candles that blow out and light up, the positions that have been adjusted to be more like "love", and the flickering candle light.

Quotations of affectionate expression on the Chinese Valentine's Day

1. You are special to me. You bring sunshine to my gray days and light candles to my dark world. You give me warmth, my heart will always belong to you, before I have been muddled along, did not feel that there is any wonderful place in life, but, since met you, I think my sky appeared rainbow, I have found the meaning of life, I want to be with you forever.

2. We are afraid that love will expire, so we keep repeating that I love you. We are afraid that the person we love will leave us one day, so we keep firmly holding each other's hands. I'm afraid of losing, not because I'm afraid of losing all my efforts, but because I'm afraid of losing the people I love in my life. We are all afraid that promises will become empty, so we don't promise easily. Today, I want to add a deadline to our love, that is forever.

3. When I first met you, I never thought that we would be so affectionate and inseparable, but if time goes back, I think I will still fall in love with you again. The future is still a long way, I'm not sure what will happen in the future, but in this space now, I want to take care of you all my life and be the one who can protect you and love you and take care of you all my life.

4. No matter how beautiful the flowers are, they are not as beautiful as your smile. I like your spring breeze like smile, and I like the eyes you focus on. At this moment, my heart only beats for you. You are like a beautiful angel, and I have been deeply attracted by you.

5. It's easy to like someone, but it's hard to love someone. If you fall in love, you'll shut your heart. I want to lock you in for the rest of my life.