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How to start an automatic car

How to start an automatic car compared with manual vehicles, the emergence of automatic gear really makes driving a 'simple' thing to a large extent. Automatic gear means to shift gears automatically without the driver's own operation. The vehicle intelligently selects gears according to the driving situation and traffic conditions, which brings a lot of convenience for driving. Although it is said that the automatic transmission is easy to operate, many new drivers will not drive the automatic transmission correctly. Today, let's teach you the correct starting method of automatic blocking.

1. Turn the ignition key to the second position, to the power position, and let the car computer system start self checking for at least 6 seconds.

2. Step on the foot brake and pull the gear from P to n (if reversing, direct ignition in P).

3. Release the foot brake, turn the ignition key to the ignition gear and start the engine (the hot car time shall be determined according to different vehicle models and ambient temperature, but the emergency oil filling and emergency braking shall be avoided under low temperature conditions).

4. Step on the foot brake, release the hand brake, and pull the gear from n to D (if starting on the slope, in order to prevent back walking, first pull the gear from n to D, lightly step on the accelerator, slowly release the hand brake, and then start smoothly).

5. Slowly release the foot brake and start.

6. Then, according to the road conditions, step on the accelerator smoothly to refuel and get on the road safely.