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How about Nike KD 11? How to solve the problem of Nike KD11 grinding foot

Nike KD11 is Durant's 11th generation basketball shoe, which is favored by fans and friends. However, many kids who wear KD11 react that Durant's brand-new boots have the problem of grinding his feet, which will be hard during the running in period. What about Nike KD11 grinding his feet? Why does Nike KD11 grind his feet?

How to grind the feet of Nike KD11

In the process of wearing shoes, we must pay attention. When choosing socks to match basketball shoes, we must choose some socks that are thicker, softer, and can reach the ankle. We must not wear basketball shoes barefoot, which is not conducive to the permeability and sweat absorption of the feet, but also causes the skin of our feet to contact the thick basketball shoes directly, and the situation of foot grinding occurs. In addition, pay attention to choose the right size of shoes, choose a pair of shoes that are more suitable for our customers, the best choice.

Why Nike KD 11 grinds its feet

Because the low top design of KD11 and the soft flyknit are the guarantee of the flexibility of this pair of shoes. But at the same time, the heel of KD11 has enough protection measures. Hard suede, Gangbao in the heel and thick filling make the heel firmly fixed in the shoes. This balance between flexibility and protection is the best thing a pair of shoes can give a player and what KD needs. KD11 strengthened the vamp with hot-dip lamination on on the outside of forefoot and inside of toe cap, which solved the problem of too soft flyknit material itself. In the actual combat process, we can feel the support of the shoe facing the side of the foot, but it is not as strong as the traditional vamp.

How about Nike KD 11

I think KD series has always been a good price performance in signature shoes. In terms of configuration, the price is more friendly to the people. After the top matching, the selling price has not increased, which is 1299. It's conscience. The color in my hand is currently up and down in 900. When the color of the later big products is launched, at the beginning of the new season, I am sure that many colors will fall into 800, and even in 750 at the end. This is a pair of sneakers with priority configuration, which is a good product, but I don't think it's a pair of really awesome sneakers.

Simply speaking, the shoes are normal in size and not tight in deconstruction. Except for the ankles, other parts feel like they are wrapped generally. It should be almost right to wear socks, so it is recommended to buy them in normal size. The upper foot can feel the flexibility by simply walking, which is different from the previous zoom and react basketball shoes. Simply speaking, it makes the feedback of zoom more gentle, not simple and rough, and the foot feel is quite comfortable, but it is obvious that the midsole is a little thick, which is obviously far from the ground than the previous generation. With the round upper and midsole design, I feel that it is a little out of touch with the ground How do you feel about the actual combat. Made a few moves, anti roll and anti twist pass, is a pair of comfortable basketball shoes suitable for forward.

How to clean Nike KD 11

Before cleaning, it is necessary to understand the upper material of basketball shoes. If the material is different, the maintenance method and cleaning method are different. If the vamp is made of patent leather or synthetic leather, then after playing, you can use part of the water on the cloth for cleaning.

After cleaning, dry the water with a dry cloth, and then store it in a ventilated place. This is a relatively fragile material, especially the paint skin should be prevented from scratch, so it should have a relatively gentle cleaning process. How to wash basketball shoes? If it's a common leather material, it's best not to use water for cleaning. Can you use a cleaner toothbrush to brush shoes at this time? It's mainly to brush shoes lightly. Of course, dry cloth can be used in this process.