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What do you need to pay attention to when you buy a diamond ring!

What do you need to pay attention to when you buy a diamond ring! diamond rings are not used for other jewelry. They are generally used for marriage proposal or engagement. Diamond itself has a certain appreciation space. A good diamond ring has a good collection value. Modern people buy diamond rings, some for wearing, some for investment. More and more people like diamond rings. So what do we need to pay attention to when we buy diamond rings? If we want to let the diamond ring show its original luster, what should we pay attention to when we wear it at ordinary times?

About the purchase of diamond ring

1. Pay attention to the inlay of the diamond ring

Diamond ring inlay is to inlay diamond and ring bracket together. In fact, there are many ways to inlay diamond rings. The classic way is four claw inlay, which is a very diamond showing inlay way. Four claw inlay diamond ring can release the fire color of diamond, followed by group inlay, slot inlay, embedded inlay and other styles of diamond ring inlay. We can choose the inlay side according to our own preferences Formula.

2. Pay attention to the craftsmanship of diamonds

Diamond technology is the beauty we pursue. Everyone likes beautiful things. In fact, beauty comes from life and nature. Diamond rings also need art to highlight the charm of diamonds. This art is the joint efforts of all kinds of things existing in nature and designers and craftsmen, so as to create the God of diamond rings, so as to highlight the style of diamonds and the beauty of diamonds.

About wearing the diamond ring

1. No collision, no strenuous exercise

Diamond is the most valuable diamond. Among all the treasures, diamond has high hardness. Although diamond ring can bear certain pressure, we should pay attention not to collide and scratch the ring. When we do heavy work, we should try not to wear the ring. If the diamond is hit along the texture direction, it may damage the ring, which not only damages the beauty of the ring It also affects the value of the diamond ring.

2. Keep away from grease and cosmetics

The diamond in the diamond ring is lipophilic, and it is easy to absorb grease on the diamond. The longer you wear the diamond ring, there will be a lot of dirt on the diamond ring, and the diamond will lose its dazzling light. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear the diamond ring when doing housework. In addition, diamond rings are all inlaid by metal ring brackets. Metals are most afraid of corrosion. The cosmetics we use usually contain chemical ingredients, which will cause the color fading or discoloration of metal materials. Therefore, it is better not to wear diamond rings when making up, and can be worn after finishing makeup.

The above small braid simply introduces the precautions to be paid attention to when purchasing the diamond ring and when wearing it. It is recommended to be more careful when purchasing the diamond ring, and wear it scientifically according to your actual situation in the wearing mode, so as to avoid damage to the diamond ring.