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Chinese Valentine's day romantic activities

The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is the Valentine's day in China. The Chinese Valentine's Day is a very popular festival for modern young people. Many people will choose to express their love on this day. The following editor will share some strategies for expressing love on the Chinese Valentine's day, hoping to help you.

Introduction to Chinese Valentine's Day

Heart warming candle

Sending flowers is too old-fashioned. Love letter, too much effort. Then this candle must move his (her) heart. The premise is that you have a planned date. Make an appointment with him or her, then take a small colored candle (the size is suitable to be carried secretly), and a lighter, and go to the appointment.

If you are outdoors, wait for the sky to darken (after 7 p.m.), find an excuse to take him (her) away from the crowd. When he (she) doesn't pay attention, take out a candle and light it. What else can't be said? You can make a wish together to see if it can be realized in this year! If you are indoors, you can put out the light under the excuse of circuit failure, and then suddenly Light the candle, this Chinese Valentine's day must make him (her) surprised and happy!

Billboard confession

Express your heart in public. If you are a wealthy local tyrant, if you have enough money, you can choose this way, including the billboard on her way home from work, to express your love for TA in front of thousands of people, to give her a romantic surprise on the street without knowing it. I believe she will be killed in a flash. When tears twinkle in your eyes, make sure that you are more than half the winner of this confession.

Qixi festival activities

Choose a date place with an emotional touch

Since Tanabata is Valentine's day, we must spend it romantically. Ask your beloved girl to go to a western restaurant, have a French dinner, or have a Western dessert ~ ~ ~ it doesn't matter what you eat. The location and environment of the date must be romantic and beautiful. That's enough to fit the theme~

Choose a thoughtful holiday gift

For girls, gifts are never too much. You don't have to worry that she will be disgusted with your old gifts. You should know that you send roses, necklaces, rings and EARRINGS... She is always happy though she says that she doesn't need to buy them and wastes money. I really don't have the money to prepare the gift. Dev chocolate also needs to send a box, otherwise, be careful to be single.

Prepare for a romantic proposal

If it's a couple who has been in love for many years, you might as well come to a proposal ceremony on the Chinese Valentine's day. The success rate is much higher than usual. My friend proposed on the seventh night of last year: rose bouquet, proposed cake, proposed diamond ring, love candlelight lamp, rose petal... The scene atmosphere is romantic. I didn't want it. At that time, I held my beauty back.