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What are the ancient poems related to Qixi Festival

Chinese Valentine's Day is the Chinese Valentine's day. There are very sad and beautiful legends about Chinese Valentine's day. There are many ancient poems about Chinese Valentine's day in history. What are the ancient poems about Chinese Valentine's day? Is there any custom on the Chinese Valentine's day? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Poems related to Chinese Valentine's Day

1. Ancient (Tang Dynasty) Mengjiao

Vega by the river, cowherd by the river.

Not across the shallow, relatively distant.

2. Qixiqu (Tang Dynasty) Wang Jian

Watching the stars by the river alone, it's hard to weave the sky at night. Throw the shuttle and vibrate the tweezers to move the Mingyu, which means there is insufficient sleep in autumn.

The river is separated tonight. The Dragon drives the magpie to fill the stone. Among the stars and the fringe, there is a silent light around.

The two love each other. Fear the autumn wind again and make the dawn Road. Lucky to return to Langyi and be careful, don't start this year. The stars don't park much.

3. Changhengge (Tang Dynasty) Bai Juyi

On the seventh day of July, when there was no one talking in the hall of longevity.

In heaven let us be two birds flying ever together, and on earth two trees with branches interlocked forever.

For a long time, the hatred lasts forever.

4. Far away Petunia (Northern and Southern Dynasties) Xiao Tong

Far away from the morning glory, bringing a river woman. It's a simple hand with a thin fiber, and a loom with a Zha.

All day long, I cry like rain. The river and the Han Dynasty are clear and shallow. How many times do they go back to each other? The pulse of the river is silent.

5. Chinese Valentine's Day needlework (Southern and Northern Dynasties) Liu Yun

If you don't come back on behalf of Ma Qiu, you will never be able to recover. Welcome the cold, trim the seams of clothes, and reflect the moon.

The sorrow of the eyes, even Juan think eyebrows together. Luoyi in the dew and jade pillars in the autumn wind. There is a little too much flowing Yin, and it's hard to get the rest.

6. Qixi (Tang) Quan Deyu

Today's cloud parallel crossing magpie bridge should not be the pulse and distance. The family even like to open the makeup mirror and wear needles under the moon to worship nine nights.

What are the customs of Qixi

1. The custom of Qixi Festival

This is the earliest way to beg for dexterity, which began in Han Dynasty and was only used in later generations. "Xijing miscellany" said: 'Han color women often wear seven hole needles on July 7 in the open-ended building, people have habits.

2. The custom of Qixi Festival

In the old custom, a few days before the Chinese New Year's Eve, first lay a layer of soil on the small board, sow the seeds of corn, let it produce green seedlings, and then put some cottages, flowers and trees on it to make the appearance of a small village of a farmhouse, called "shell board", or soak the green beans, beans, wheat, etc. in a magnetic bowl, and then tie them into a bunch of red and blue silk ropes, called "seed" "Sheng", also known as "wusheng pot" or "Sheng flowerpot".

3. The custom of Qixi Festival

'worship weaving girls' is the business of girls and young women. Most of them have arranged with their friends or neighbors about 56 people in advance, as many as 10 people, to jointly hold. The ceremony was held by setting a table under the moonlight, on which there were tea, wine, fruit, five seeds (longan, red dates, hazelnuts, peanuts, melon seeds) and other sacrifices; there were flowers, red paper, bottles, and a small censer in front of the flowers.

4. The custom of Chinese Valentine's Day

Qixi Festival food is most famous for its Qiao fruit. Qiaoguo, also known as "Qiaoguo", has many styles. The main material Qiao Guo is oil molasses. In the Tokyo dreamland, it's called "laughing and hating children" and "fruit eating pattern". The patterns include Naxiang, Fangsheng, etc. In the Song Dynasty, Qixi fruit was sold on the streets.

5. The custom of Qixi Festival -- women's hair washing

It is also a special custom for women to wash their hair on the Chinese Valentine's day. It is believed that the spring water and river water taken on the Chinese Valentine's day, just like the silver river water, have the holy power of cleanness. In some places, it is directly called "heavenly grandson (i.e. weaving girl) holy water". Therefore, it is of special significance for women to bathe their hair on this day, which means that they can get the protection of weaving goddess by using the holy water in the galaxy to clean their hair.

On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, it's the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. It's also a very auspicious day. In Taiwan, July is known as the month of "Happy China brings good luck". The ancients also said, "it's the seventh day of the first month. Do not think about evil things. 15 days of lust, loss of life '.