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Top 10 insurance companies in 2018

Nowadays, more and more families begin to buy insurance. Buying a good insurance has a great guarantee for our future life and life. If there is demand, there will be competition. There are many insurance companies on the market. Which insurance company is trustworthy? Let's take a look at the top ten insurance companies in 2018.

Top 10 insurance companies in 2018

China Life (China Life Insurance (Group) Company) (010-66009999, top 10 insurance companies, top 500 enterprises in the world, large state-owned financial insurance group, institutional investors with large domestic capital market, mainstay of China's insurance industry, China Life Insurance (Group) Company).

China Ping An insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (400-8866-338, started in 1988, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, a comprehensive financial service group integrating multiple financial businesses with insurance as the core, China Ping An insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.).

PICC (China People's Insurance Group Co., Ltd.) (95518, formerly known as the people's Insurance Company of China, was established in 1949. It plays the role of the main channel of the industry in agricultural insurance / social insurance and other policy business fields, providing all-round / high-quality insurance guarantee and services, China people's Insurance Group Co., Ltd.).

Pacific Insurance CPIC (China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.) (95500, headquartered in Shanghai, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, a leading provider of property insurance products and services, a large comprehensive insurance group, and China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.).

Xinhua Life Insurance NCI (Xinhua Life Insurance Co., Ltd.) (95567, founded in 1996, one of the world's top 500 companies, providing various convenient / life insurance / health insurance / personal accident insurance and endowment insurance services, Xinhua Life Insurance Co., Ltd.).

Anbang insurance (Anbang Insurance Group Co., Ltd.) (95569, a global insurance service provider, with Anbang property insurance / Anbang life insurance / harmonious health insurance and other brands, a large diversified financial holding group, Anbang Insurance Group Co., Ltd.).

China Taiping (China Taiping Insurance Group Company) (95589, founded in 1929 in Shanghai, provides comprehensive and diversified financial and insurance products services for enterprises and individual customers, a large multinational financial and insurance group, China Taiping Insurance Group Company).

Taikang Life Insurance (Taikang Insurance Group Co., Ltd.) (95522, started in 1996, an innovative insurance financial service group, a large insurance company with life insurance as the core and enterprise annuity / asset management / pension community / health insurance and other whole industrial chain).

Sunshine Insurance (Sunshine Insurance Group Corporation Limited) (95510, a large group company with property insurance / life insurance / credit guarantee insurance / asset management / financing hospital, Sunshine Insurance Group Corporation Limited).

China Insurance (China United Insurance Holding Co., Ltd.) (010-83061111, founded in 1986, mainly engaged in motor vehicle insurance / agricultural insurance / life insurance / short-term accident insurance / credit guarantee insurance / enterprise property insurance, etc., leading / specialized comprehensive insurance financial group in China).

There is no doubt that the biggest advantage of buying insurance is to transfer risks and transfer their own risks to insurance companies. In a comprehensive view, buying insurance is still good. It is worth noting that due to the large number of types of insurance, we should not buy blindly. Before buying, consulting professionals believe that they can help you avoid many pits and find the right insurance.