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What are the biggest shortcomings of the 10th generation of civic

Honda Civic is a model that young people are very keen on. It has been a hot car among compact models since it came into the market. It has always been the focus of the car lovers, but its shortcomings have been magnified step by step. Do you know the biggest shortcomings of the 10th generation Civic?

Seven shortcomings of the tenth generation of Siyu

1. Poor interior quality: the most inadequate part of new Civic is actually the interior design. The design lines are messy, lack of overall sense, and the materials are a little common.

2. The experience of putting the rear seat down is not very good: first, the space in the rear compartment of civic is very large, but the too large trunk also causes the lack of space in the rear, and there is a bulge after the experience of putting down

3. The rear seat is not flat: the metal buckle on the back of Siyu's seat is exposed, and a bulge is formed after it is put down.

4. The dog hole is too small after the seat is put down: the biggest function of the rear seat is to open the space between the rear seat and the rear compartment, and to put down large objects as much as possible. But civic design limits the placement and accommodation of large-scale items.

5. Loud engine noise: before running, you can clearly feel the low roar of this 1.5T earth dream coming into the cockpit.

6. Poor texture of steering wheel button: first of all, Honda's steering wheel is of moderate size, beautiful and sporty, which is very suitable for Civic. But when I actually drove and tried these buttons, really, I was able to push the release button.

7. Wide field of vision of rear-view mirror: Siyu's rear-view mirror model is actually very moving, but in fact, it does not make the rear-view mirror as small as some sports models, resulting in the increase of blind area.