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2018 flowers chant fast cash recovery method Alipay ant flower chant how to cash.

Alipay ant flower flower is very popular with young people nowadays. Installment payment, buying this month, and providing convenience for our life next month, so how to spend cash? Now let Xiaobian teach you 2018 flowers.

Method 1: online shopping withdrawal method

It's believed that almost no one doesn't shop in tmall. As we all know, most tmall supports 7-day refund without reason.

1. Choose a physical object to buy at a price similar to the amount you want to withdraw.

2, do not use the seal after receiving the goods, discuss with the seller, confirm receipt, use Alipay transfer refund, avoid refund refund.

Method two: friends on behalf of the cash offer method, Taobao Tmall shopping in the payment page, there is a friend to pay the function, if your relatives and friends have shopping needs, can help them to pay for flowers, and then let them transfer the financial Alipay to you. This method is the safest and reliable, and will not have any negative impact, and there is no risk. On the contrary, such frequent use can also increase your personal credit score and help you to spend money.

Method 3: physical store cash withdrawal method to find a physical store that can be used to pay with flowers. If it's a friend's, it's better. How much money will be directly paid in to let him give you cash. If you don't have one, you should go to a large shopping mall to buy something. You should also go to the kind of shopping mall that can pay for it and support the return of goods. After you buy something, you can return it for a refund 1-2 days.

Although the loss outweighs the gain. But the flower is always gray. It is not allowed by Alipay. Therefore, the number of flowers can not be too many, otherwise it will be black by Alipay, and it will be more than enough.