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Latest news of typhoon Lipi landing in 2018 real time path of typhoon Lipi 15

Typhoon No. 14 has not been sent away, and Typhoon No. 15 Lipi has begun to stir. In 2018, Typhoon No. 15 Lipi has gradually appeared, and it will be possible for Typhoon No. 15 to arrive in Hainan, Guangdong Province.

The formation of typhoon 15, Libi

Today, the Japanese Meteorological Agency upgraded the low pressure in the east of typhoon Capricorn 14 to tropical storm, i.e. typhoon Lipi 15, at 24:00 without advance warning. Tonight, the low pressure developed rapidly, which led to the Japanese Meteorological Agency's hasty numbering. The initial report gave 20 meters / second. In the future, under the guidance of the East subtropical high, the system will be mainly northward, and the later path needs to be observed. ​

Although the tropical depression in the South China Sea has not yet reached the generation standard, if it suddenly strengthens during this period, typhoon Lipi No. 15 will form. At this time, the tropical depression in the South China Sea has reached the southeast of Hainan, and it is expected that the landing will be in these two days.

At present, the forecast of Typhoon No. 15 landing in 2018 can be divided into two situations: the first one is that the tropical depression or the typhoon is strengthened, and then it goes straight to the east of Hainan, lands from the coast, then passes through Hainan, and lands in Guangdong for the second time. The second type: tropical depression or intensified typhoon, passing through the eastern part of Hainan, heading directly to the southern part of Guangdong, and landing in Guangdong along the coast.