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What disease can jiejiecao treat? Efficacy and function of jiejiecao

Arthrodendron is generally regarded as a field weed. Few people know its efficacy and effect. It can be used as an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal medicine, and also can treat some common skin diseases. There are many medicinal effects of arthrodendron. Let's take you to understand the effects and functions of arthrodendron.

Effect and function of arthrodendron

Jiejiecao is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with sweet taste and mild bitter taste. Its main efficacy is to clear away heat, diuresis and clear eyes to stop coughing. In clinical, it is mainly used for the treatment of human ocular red swelling and pain, hepatitis, tracheitis and infection of the urinary system. Its therapeutic effect is especially obvious.

What diseases can jiejiecao treat

1. Treatment of red eye swelling and pain

Jiejiecao can clear away heat and detoxify. It's a good medicine for the treatment of red swelling and pain of the eyes. During the treatment, you need to take five yuan from jiejiecao, Jinqiancao, and siyecao respectively, and then prepare a proper amount of Pearl grass and gujingcao, put them together and fry them with clear water. After the decoction, you can take the medicine liquid. Arthrodendron can also treat human's blurred vision. In the treatment, you can decoct arthrodendron with clear water, and then directly clean your eyes with the obtained solution.

2. Treatment of leucorrhea

Red leucorrhea is a high incidence disease of women. It can be treated with arthrodendron after its onset. When it is treated, it is necessary to cut arthrodendron into two pieces and put them into a pot and fry them with clear water. After it is fried, it does not need any medicine solution. Once a day, it can be used for 5 to 7 days for a course of treatment. After a course of treatment, the symptoms of most patients can be significantly reduced.

3. Treatment of pyelonephritis

Arthrodendron is also a common medicine for the treatment of human pyelonephritis in the clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine. During the treatment, you need to prepare arthrodendron five money, plantain five money and horseshoe five money, and then prepare one or two blood activating pills, four money of yellow ear grass. Put them together and fry them with clear water, take them out and filter after the decoction, and take the obtained liquid medicine.