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How to wash your hair with hibiscus leaves

Hibiscus flower, also known as infinite flower, is the national flower of South Korea. It has green leaves and attractive fragrance. It is an indispensable green plant in many natural scenic spots. Hibiscus is treasure all over. Many people wash their hair with its leaves. So how to wash their hair with hibiscus leaves?

How to wash your hair with hibiscus leaves

1. Usually, when washing your hair with hibiscus leaves at home, you should choose those fresh Hibiscus leaves. If you have Hibiscus leaves at home, you can directly collect its fresh leaves for use. It takes about 50g each time. If not, you need to go to the market to buy. When you buy, you must choose a good quality Hibiscus leaf.

2. Prepare a piece of clean gauze and a large plastic basin, wash the prepared Hibiscus leaves with water and drain the water, wrap them in the prepared clean gauze, and then rub them vigorously until the hibiscus leaves are sticky and produce a lot of sweat before washing with water.

3. Put the water for washing the juice of Hibiscus leaves into the prepared basin, and you can wash your hair directly. When you wash your hair, you can immerse your hair in poverty, and massage your scalp and hair back and forth with your hands, so that the hair can absorb and use the nutrition of Hibiscus leaves as much as possible. Use it three to four times a week, and after three to four weeks of continuous use, you will find that your hair is dark, smooth and smooth Luster.

Taboo of Hibiscus leaf Shampoo

The hibiscus leaves contain a lot of soap grass element, soap grass glucoside and some natural mucus. Usually, washing the hair with it can not only remove the dirty things on the hair, but also play an important role in nourishing the hair. However, the medicinal and nutritional ingredients contained in the hibiscus leaves are afraid of high temperature. When people wash their hair with hibiscus leaves, they are forbidden to use hot water of more than 60 degrees, otherwise it will make the hibiscus leaves camp Nurturance points a lot of loss, and then it shampoo also can not play the original effect.