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Does it rebound after a few days of effective face thinning

With the continuous change of people's aesthetic, melon seed face has become one of the standards to measure beauty. The thin face needle is more and more popular with female friends. The thin face needle is a simple and safe way to thin face. How many days does the thin face needle work?

It took a few days to get a thin face shot

The main function of face slimming needle is to block the signal transmission between nerve and muscle, inhibit the movement of muscle, so as to achieve the effect of face slimming. How many days do you see the effect? The effect can be seen in 3-7 days. Generally, the time of keeping the thin face needle is between 4-6 months. Generally, after the injection of the thin face needle for 4 months, the thin face needle should be repeatedly injected several times to strengthen the thin face effect, so that the thin face's thin fruit has more stability. Thin face needle is generally to hit three times, but still according to everyone's own phenomenon. In a short period of time after the completion of the facial acupuncture, you can't go to the beauty salon for facial massage, because facial massage will affect the effect of the facial acupuncture, do not take drugs within a week after the injection, so as to avoid the antibiotics contained in the drugs, which will affect the effect of the facial acupuncture.

Will it rebound after the injection?

In fact, the developed masseter muscle is caused by excessive use of masticatory muscle in many cases, such as often chewing very hard food, like eating hard shell food, etc. Strictly speaking, thin face needle can't achieve permanent effect, but it can't talk about rebound. Regular medical institutions will not answer you yes or no to the question whether the thin face needle rebounds, but will explain the normal maintenance time of the thin face needle. Since the birth of the thin face needle, it is clear that, generally speaking, its validity period is only 6 to 12 months, so there is no rebound in the injection of thin face needle. Plastic surgery pointed out that because of the different reasons for each person's face hypertrophy, it is necessary to take targeted treatment methods to achieve real results.