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Nine ways for burglars to enter the house

nine ways for burglars to enter the house

Black recruit one: downpipe, gas pipe as ladder

At present, many downpipes and gas pipes of urban houses are installed outdoors, close to the balcony and windows. Criminals are easy to climb into the houses and commit crimes with the help of downpipes and gas pipes.

Black trick 2: climb the anti-theft net like walking on the ground

The security net of every house is a city scene, but it can't be used in the installation of irregular security net. Thieves often use the protruding security net to climb up and down to commit crimes. There are two kinds of theft cases happened in the later half of the night: one is to break the anti-theft net to enter the room and steal; the other is to use the anti-theft net to climb up and drill into the high-rise households to commit crimes. Nonstandard installation, not only can't protect themselves, but also harm the neighbors. Instead of anti-theft, the anti-theft network helps steal.

Black trick 3: enter the house while you are not crowing

This is the usual means for criminals to commit crimes in the daytime. The early anti-theft door only had a few screws to fix the door frame. In fact, it couldn't stand the force of crowbar at all. It was done in one minute. Recently, the structure and strength of anti-theft door have been greatly improved, but with the birth of micro gas cutting tools, many cases of burglary have been found in China.

Black move 4: swing with rope tied on the roof

This way of committing crimes is relatively hidden, because everyone thinks that no one dares to commit crimes from the top to the bottom of the roof, so there is no prevention and inspection of the roof roof, and the safer the place, the less safe it is.

Black trick 5: trick you to open the door

In many cities, gangsters are found to rush to residential buildings, pull off the electric switch installed outside the houses, and then rush into the houses to rob by taking the opportunity of opening the door for inspection. In addition, some gangsters use the opportunity of the owner's advertisement to rent the house, pretending to visit the house and rob it. Others pretended to be water and electricity repairmen and cheated the door.

Black move six: Unlock magic skill

As far as we know, many cities have found that criminals have mastered the unlocking technology and enter the house to steal. For example, a criminal named Ling Weiquan in Guangzhou calls himself "the king of Guangzhou lock". With his own key, he can open all kinds of locks in a very short time. In one year, the gang has stolen more than 200 houses and obtained more than 10 million yuan worth of property.

Black move seven: self made board hand prying iron window

Nowadays, the anti-theft net is mostly welded with steel bar or square slot iron, with slightly sparse density, which just provides a good grip for the wrench. In addition, the welding spots are only a little bit, which can't stand a pull. In recent years, it is found that the thief has made some fork tools like spanner, which can pull out a large gap or hole in the anti-theft net within 2 minutes, and then drill into the room to steal.

Black trick eight: tailgating robbery

In recent years, with the strengthening of people's preventive measures against the living room, the criminals are not easy to enter the room and take extreme measures. So usually pay more attention to the following people who enter the elevator stairs together, which can avoid disasters.

Criminal defense

Criminals enter the room at night mostly through the kitchen windows, often stealing kitchen knives in their hands. Its main purpose is to give oneself courage and self-defense, but this has caused a great hidden danger to the personal safety of the residents. Once the residents are sober or found when the criminals commit the crime, the criminals are easy to go to extremes and cause casualties of the residents.

Family security knowledge

1. Don't deposit a large amount of cash in your home. The money you don't need for a while should be deposited in the bank. Don't put the passbook and credit card together with the ID card, work card and account book.

2. Stocks, bonds, gold and silver ornaments should not be stored in drawers, cupboards and other attractive places.

3. For high-end products such as TV sets, video recorders and cameras, clear marks and factory numbers shall be registered in detail for future reference.

4. The key shall be carried with you, and shall not be thrown around. If the key is lost, the door lock shall be replaced in time.

5. Preschool children can't take the key, let alone hang it on their neck.

6. Before leaving home, close the doors and windows and lock them properly.

7. Make friends carefully. Family members, especially teenagers, are not allowed to bring strangers to their homes.

8. To hire a nanny, you need to find a more reliable person, check his ID card, and report to the police station for temporary residence.

9. Carry out safety education for the nanny, and don't let strangers in when the master is not at home.

10. The nanny shall pay the salary after leaving, and the key of the door lock shall be taken back. It is better to replace the door lock with a new one.

11. Install intelligent electronic alarm system for the families with conditions, timely alarm in case of alarm, and inform relevant personnel or public security organs.

12. Buildings with patios, toilets and kitchen windows often become the access for criminals to enter the room, which should be protected by built-in protective fence;

13. The key should not be placed in an obvious place to prevent outsiders from copying the impression;

14. When going out for a long time, please say hello to the neighbors and ask for attention;

15. An automatic alarm device for local alarm shall be installed for the travel of the whole family; if the alarm receiving center is networked, it shall be put on record in the alarm receiving center, and it is required to be fortified 24 hours a day.

What technical precautions can be taken to prevent family theft

1. Install the family intelligent security system, once the villain intrudes illegally, the system can automatically alarm the owner's mobile phone, telephone, property management security of the community and the monitoring platform of the public security organ through the telephone line;

2. The window can be equipped with window protection radar, infrared curtain detector, active infrared anti radiation or magnetic control switch, and the alarm signal can be sent out once the window is opened;

3. Passive infrared intrusion detector can be installed on balcony or hallway;

4. The unit residential building can be equipped with building intercom or visual intercom anti-theft system;

5. If there is an automatic alarm receiving center in the community, it should enter the network as soon as possible. In case of emergency, the community security and public security police can rush to deal with it in time.