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How many eggs are there in a good movie? What are there in a good movie

Huang Bo is an actor with profound strength. He has made a great show since crazy stone. The best actor is leading Huang Bo's debut movie a good play this year. How about the movie? It's said that it's good reviews. How many eggs are there in a good play? Let's have a look at what we want to know.

Do you have any eggs for a good movie

It is understood that there are three colored eggs at the end of a good movie.

Speaking of Huang Bo, everyone will think of the title of "6 billion" movie emperor. As an actor, Huang Bo has proved his success. From "Crazy Stone" to the top of mainland comedians, Huang Bo is undoubtedly one of the most attractive actors in mainland China.

In the entertainment circle, it is a very common phenomenon that good actors perform too much in other people's plays, which may be too much for the director's requirements. But for their own performance that is wild wild Zhang, acting addiction. Today, Huang Bo posted on his microblog the date on which his director's first work, a good play, was set.

The composition and color of these two posters are very textured, with a feeling of Zhang Yimou's blockbuster. The two scenes on the poster show Huang Bo's aesthetic taste. Compared with the pictures in the movie, they are not bad. As for the plot, others are unknown.

In addition, Huang Bo also revealed several "little colored eggs" in this sea wave, and listened to my detailed explanation.

Egg 1 in the poster: the word "a good play" in the poster is like the shape of an island or a lake. Look forward to decryption!

Little egg 2 in the poster: guess whose hand it is?

The little colored egg in the poster 3: Zhang Yixing's Converse shoes are necessary for wandering on the desert island. In reality, Zhang Yixing is converse's spokesman. I believe that the shoes will be sold out as soon as the movie is released. Fans of Zhang Yixing, hurry to buy it.

What do you mean by egg at the end of a good play

Directed by Huang Bo, the film a good play, starring Huang Bo, Wang Baoqiang, Shu Qi, Zhang Yixing, Yu Hewei, Wang Xun, Li Qinqin and Li Youlin, will be released on August 10. Three colored eggs will appear at the end of the film. What is the meaning of three colored eggs at the end of a good play? I don't know yet.

Huang Bo has worked hard for his latest movie a good play. He was busy in and out when he was shooting. Now he is busy to publicize his movie. Xiaobian really loves Huang Bo. But if the box office is good, Xiaobian believes that Huang Bo's pains will not be wasted.

Before, "a good play" was short of a role. Huang Bo racked his brains and didn't know who was more suitable for the role. At this time, Lin Zhiling said, "why don't you find Zhang Yixing? So Huang Bo asked Zhang Yixing if he was free and explained the role to him. When Zhang Yixing was preparing his latest album, he didn't have time, so Zhang Yixing said let's go." Think about it for yourself. The next day Huang Bo said that the role has been determined for you. Zhang Yixing asked you, didn't you say let's think about it? Who knows Huang Bo said that I was informing you yesterday. So Zhang Yixing was tricked into a good play.

For a good play, many netizens said that Huang Bo, Xu Zheng, sun Honglei and Huang Lei were good actors. Did they deny any of their previous works? Moving or not is the gap between actors and stars. Any program is designed and scripted by someone. Even if the host has to pretend to be illiterate in a party, it is set. Who can see the acting skill? If it's because of your personal problems that lead to discord, don't deny the past in a very professional way.

There is also the movie "love apartment" which is released together with "a good play". The editor is also quite looking forward to the movie "love apartment". I'm really happy to see so many familiar faces in this program. Unfortunately, Wang Chuanjun didn't come back. The editor thinks that if you don't have time, you can say that you are not free. Why do you say that you push this movie I became an actor. I'll ha ha. No matter how to improve your acting skills, you're a miracle of Guangu.