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YSL how much is the black silk satin set spray? How about YSL black silk satin spray?

YSL black silk satin spray is just a new product just launched this year. What effect does this set spray have? Is it easy to use? How to use YSL black silk satin makeup spray? Come and have a look.

YSL how much is the black silk satin spray?

Reference price: 300 yuan

Product Name: YSL / Saint Laurent moisturizing toner

Specification type: normal specification

Brand: YSL / Saint Laurent

YSL Saint Laurent series: moisturizing toner

Origin: France

Cosmetics for special use or not: no

Efficacy: moisturizing and anti sensitive

Ysl this black silk satin makeup spray is a new product just launched by Ysl2018. This custom spray is inspired by the supermodel backstage skin care series.

The newly launched YSL model muscle moisturizing cosmetics spray is known as "spray powder". As long as the spray before makeup, ultra meticulous spray will firmly grasp the foundation, creating super service to the bottom makeup. Even if you are busy all day long, you can still keep up makeup and makeup, and add high concentration of hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil, walnut leaf extract and other natural essential oils to the makeup spray, and spray it before makeup. The ultra fine spray can moisten the skin quickly and make a spray after makeup. It can also protect the film on the base of the makeup, moisturizing and giving the original luster.

The reason why it appeals for long-term makeup is the use of super makeup technology, so that the spray is like a small magnet like the subsequent foundation firmly adsorbed and firmly seized, more capable of removing excess powder, so that the bottom makeup tightly adhered to the face skin, to achieve the effect of no makeup.

YSL black silk satin makeup spray method

Shake well before use, close your eyes and press three times about 15cm away from your face.

Ultra meticulous spray and super strong moisturizing power, just one spray, immediately build makeup.

It can be used before and after make-up to remove redundant powder feeling and moisturize the whole day.

This is a balance spray that can balance water and oil. It displays bright skin with moist texture and natural wheel feeling. The water mist sprayed out by the sprinkler is very fine. After using the liquid foundation, good gloss can be found.