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What is the reason why tension is banned for six games

Recently, it was reported that Zhang was banned for six games and fined 42000 yuan. What happened? Why did he get such severe punishment? Let's see the specific situation.

China's Football Association announced on its official website on Monday that it would punish players of Changchun Yatai football club for violating rules and regulations. Because of disturbing the normal order of the game, causing scene chaos, causing bad social impact, the tension was suspended for 6 games, and a fine of 42000 yuan was imposed. In the 16th round match between Changchun Yatai and Shanghai Greenland Shenhua on August 4, there was a fierce conflict between Yatai players' tension and Shenhua players' denbaba.

In the 77th minute of the match on the spot, tension and Shenhua foreign aid dengbaba had a quarrel, the latter was emotional. After the game, Shenhua manager Wu Jingui said at the press conference that tension used racist verbal attacks on denbaba. According to the report of competition supervision, China Football Association immediately launched the investigation procedure and will hold a hearing to investigate and verify the suspected violations of rules and regulations in the competition, the press office of China Football Association said Saturday.

According to the match supervision report, hearing instructions and videos of the parties concerned, the No.27 player of Changchun Yatai Football Club interfered with the normal order of the match during the 77th minute to the 80th minute of the match, causing scene chaos and adverse social impact, the Football Association announced the punishment decision on October 10. The tension was suspended for 6 matches and fined 42000 yuan.