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How to keep the delicious dragonfish? How to thaw the dragonfish quickly?

For Longli fish, many people like to eat fish, which tastes delicious, and the taste of fish is as smooth as fried or braised. So how to keep the dragonfish? What's the secret to keep the dragonfish?

How to keep the live dragonfish

Put it into a fresh-keeping bag and keep it in the refrigerator for 2 days. It can be stored for a long time in the freezer. Longli fish is a kind of warm coastal large-scale bottom fish. It tastes fresh and delicious, tastes smooth, and has no fishy smell and peculiar smell. It is high in protein and rich in nutrition. The price of live fish is very high. The giant dragonfish is as wide as an adult's shoulder.

Longlifish can be preserved for several days by ice or cold storage, but it is better to eat as soon as possible. Longli fish is very helpful for the body's nourishment. It can provide us with good nutrients, and then enhance our body's immunity and resistance.

How to defrost the frozen dragonfish

Put it in the place near the high cold area of the refrigerator to defrost in advance. If you are afraid of stink, you can put it on the raw soy sauce and marinate it with preservatives. However, it is recommended to thaw only the portion eaten each time. And after thawing, use kitchen paper to dry the water in time, otherwise it will affect the taste of fish!

It can also be thawed with cold water. Some people may say that it is faster to thaw with hot water, but in the process of thawing, the meat quality may change, resulting in slightly old taste when eating.