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What are the equipment and material distribution of peace elite airdrop

What are the equipment and material distribution of peace elite airdrop as a genuine authorized hand game for eating chicken, peace elites are favored by many players. The most exciting thing in the game is to scramble for airdrop. Airdrop materials are mostly top-level equipment, so many players risk their lives to lick their bags. What materials are there in the airdrop? Let's take a look at the distribution of materials in the airdrop.

Distribution of firearms

Players in the airdrop is the most favorite gun. There must be a gun and several magazines in the airdrop, but we don't know what guns are. It depends on the player's luck.

What the players are looking forward to most is AWM. The power of this gun is amazing. It has a huge killing power on any armor. In the face of the third level head, it can also be killed in one shot. So if the player has an AWM, he has the capital to hunt and kill enemies. However, AWM is extremely rare, and usually appears in the air drop behind.

M24 is also an airdrop artifact. Even if players don't pick up AWM, if they pick up a M24, their luck is very good. M24 is not as powerful as AWM, but it's still terrible when facing the secondary head. The performance of M24 is similar to that of kar98k, but M24 can press and release the spring clip.

M249 is also an air drop weapon. The biggest feature of this gun is that it can destroy any vehicle within seconds. Its destructive power is amazing. However, the accuracy of this gun is low and it is not suitable for shooting enemies. So, if the player is a single row, it's better to skip the gun.

Thomson submachine gun, this gun has a super high shooting speed, although the hit rate is low, as long as the player can hit the target once, the target can be screened.

Airdrop and others

Distribution of multiple mirrors

Generally, there will be a sight in airdrop. The sight is very practical in Jedi survival: peace elite. The times are 4 times of sight, 8 times of sight, and even 15 times of sight. Usually, players are satisfied with one 8 times of sight. If there is another sniper gun, then players' equipment can be said to be "fat and fluid".

Guns, the specific players get what gun, it depends on your luck.

Distribution of other items

Usually, there will be three-level helmets or three-level bulletproof vests in airdrops. For players, the more practical is the three-level head. There is also a certain chance that medicine will appear in the airdrop, that is, the medical box. The medical box can instantly restore all life values of players, which can be said to be a medical artifact. There will be many weapons accessories in the airdrop, but most of them are about rifles and snipers.

There will be some costumes in the airdrop. That's the Geely suit. Auspicious clothes survive in the Jedi: the game of peace elites is very realistic. Players hide in the grass with auspicious clothes and discard the pan behind them. Even if the enemy is in front of you, it is difficult for him to find you!

Airdrop law

Airdrop has no fixed law of delivery, basically with the rhythm of the game to deliver. The airdrop at the beginning of the game usually occurs when the first security zone is reduced.

If players want to lick the airdrop, and then listen to the sound of the aircraft, they can observe the landing position of the airdrop to find; they can also watch the red smoke emitted by the airdrop to find.

Short head can make you fully equipped in an instant, and can also make you a box, so players must think carefully after seeing the airdrop!