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Send some flowers to your girlfriend on Chinese Valentine's Day 2018

How can we get fewer flowers on Valentine's day? No woman doesn't love flowers. Many people choose to send roses to their girlfriend on Valentine's day. Roses represent love and can best express your feelings. How about some flowers to send to your girlfriend on Valentine's Day 2018? Let's have a look!

What kind of flowers do you want to send to your girlfriend on Chinese Valentine's Day 2018


No girl can resist the temptation of "bouquet". Although they will say it's expensive and useless to buy flowers on Valentine's day, only they know the inner ripple and joy. Imagine, on Valentine's day, a bunch of flowers suddenly appeared in the office, which aroused the envy and jealousy of many women. Flowers are the first choice for Chinese Valentine's Day gifts. There is a free card in the bouquet. Give a card and write down what you are embarrassed to say in ordinary days. It can be thank you, sorry or moved.

Send some flowers to my girlfriend on Chinese Valentine's Day 2018

One rose stands for only you in my heart

Two roses represent the only two of us in the world!

Three roses represent -- I love you!

Four roses stand for -- to die!

Five roses represent -- sincerely appreciate!

Six roses represent mutual respect, mutual love and mutual understanding!

Seven roses represent -- I love you secretly!

8 roses represent -- thank you for your care, support and encouragement!

Nine roses represent long days!

10 roses represent perfect!

11 roses represent that you are the only one I love all my life!

12 roses represent the growing love for you!

13 roses represent friendship forever!

14 roses represent pride!

15 roses for you Im sorry!

16 roses represent changeable and uneasy love!

17 roses represent the hopeless and irreparable love!

18 roses represent sincerity and frankness!

19 roses represent patience and expectation!

20 roses represent - I only have a sincere heart!

21 roses symbolize sincere love!

22 roses symbolize good luck!

25 roses symbolize happiness to you!

The symbol of 30 roses - the letter is predestined!

36 roses symbolize romance!

40 roses symbolize the everlasting love!

Symbol of 50 roses - meet by chance!

99 roses symbolize forever!

100 roses symbolize 100% love!

101 rose symbols - the most & hellip; & hellip; favorite!

108 roses symbolize proposal!

Thank you for giving me the happiest time in my life. Today is Valentine's day in China. I wish you and I love each other forever and grow old together! Kiss you deeply!!:)

2. If the room is not big, it's ok if it's warm; if the person is not tall, it's ok if it's capable; if the money is not large, it's ok if it's enough; if the love is not deep, it's ok if it's serious!

3. The weaver does not need to gather the eyebrows of moths. The former cowherd is back now. Magpie Bridge holds hands and looks at the tearful eyes.

4. I'm waiting for our Chinese Valentine's Eve. Will you come? I will wait!!!

5. The shadow of the moon is like the light of the day, and the silver frost is boundless; the bridge of magpie will be built on the Chinese Valentine's day, and the feelings will be continuous. Fairy flowers and beautiful scenery blend together; fairy magpies gather in the overpass, so happy!

6. Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet magpie bridge in the sky, and a group of fools on the ground meet to break the bridge. What's the eve of today? Answer: Chinese Valentine's Day!

7. Happy Valentine's Day! If you are going to have a lonely Valentine's day, don't be sad! The one who can bring you happiness will be around you soon, believe me!

8. If you wish on the Chinese Valentine's day, the smell of red leaves will disappear. Day and night, the picture is permanent, lingering and touching.

9. God gave me another excuse to ask you out. The one who loves you will spend Valentine's day with you.

10. On the night of the Chinese Valentine's day, the stars are numb. Look at the fish in the water. Think of your heart a sour, only think of the original love?

11. We don't want to be Cowherd and weaver girl, because they are too far away and meet each other too short; we want to be ourselves, because you are by my side, holding my heart firmly!

12. If you buy roses, you will be laughed, you will buy chocolate, you will be fat, you will light candles, you can't use a wine bottle, burn fried chicken, you can't do that. On Valentine's day, you can't sleep.

13. The first time I met, you were my indelible thoughts; fate played tricks on me, and I passed you by. Even if there is no reason, I am still your faithful friend. I sincerely wish you a happy Valentine's Day!

14. Missing your friends is like a deep valley orchid, light fragrance covers you and blessing is like white clouds on the blue sky. It's always in your heart. Wish you a good mood to spend every moment of Valentine's day with you!

15. On the Milky way, the waiting of the first life and the fate of the past few generations have all turned into crystal tears, spilling down the earth, leaving the world infinite blessings!

16. The Milky way falls and love boils. It's no better than begging.

17. I'm the beautiful meteor beside the magpie bridge, just to have a response of your true love, I'm waiting for you & hellip; & hellip; I don't want to leave for a long time & hellip; & hellip;

18. It's July 7 today. Is anyone sending you flowers? Here's one for you first!

19. I miss you so much. I broke the phone line, burned my cell phone card, took out my wallet and took all the sleeping pills. Alas! But I still miss you.

20. There are countless flowers on Valentine's day on July 7th, but not every flower can represent love, but rose has done it; the crowd is vast, but not everyone can receive sincere blessing today, but you have done it. Happy Valentine's day on July 7th

21. What is happiness? It's with you; what is helplessness? It's July 7th Valentine's day, but it can't be with you; what is love? It's the feeling between you and me!

Dear, today is Chinese Valentine's day. Far away, send you a Valentine's day kiss! Chinese style. ^v^

23. Tenderness is like water, and the season is like a dream. On July 7, cowherd and Weaver Girl meet at magpie bridge. Chinese lover is called a festival. They spend the Chinese Valentine's day together for a long time.

24. Missing is sweet melancholy. It can rub the jealousy of women born into sadness and dissolve into a deep feeling like the bright moonlight.

25. Love is a long-term war. After a long-term battle of position, chain saw, movement, tunnel and guerrilla, I finally understand that you are invincible! I decided to unconditionally surrender to you on the Chinese Valentine's day. Please accept a prisoner of war!

26. Yu'er lies in the plum garden on the seventh night, Viagra looks at the sky in the middle of the night, Niulang and Zhinv wish each other far away, and the infatuated fish and water will always accompany each other.

27. The weaver embroiders the brocade and looks forward to the west of Niulang river. Magpie Bridge River frame, Tanabata end short. May love always be with you, and the moon never fails. I want the Milky way to die and the two stars to be forever clean!

28. Merciless time and space will separate you and me, but it's still hard to calm your mind. Meet each other on July 7th!