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Men are big pig hooves. What do you mean, men are big pig hooves

After the stem of "all men are eels", the stem of "all men are big pig hoofs" has come into being. It's said that men are pitiful. Recently, almost all of "Yanxi strategy" will be covered by "all men are big pig hoofs". What stem are all men big pig hoofs?

Men are big pig hooves

Pig's trotters pig's trotters make complaints about pig's trotters. Pig's trotters are first used in 17 years. A group of men are hoof pigs. They become popular expressions. Recently, men are hog hoof again. They become popular words again because of the spread of Yan Jubilee.

I don't know when the saying "all men are big pig hooves" started to catch fire. Since then, it has often been on the screen, on microblog, in the chat records of little sister... Have you been called big pig hooves by yourself or your friends recently?

What do you mean by "all men are big pig hooves"?

Make complaints about pig's trotters, make complaints about the diss's male characters. "Male is a hoof pig's hoof" is often used by girls to use Tucao's male students. You can use it to make complaints about boys and girls, and they can also be used for Tucao boys to be ruthless and changeable. Britney Spears was called the moon before now, and now he is called Mrs. Niu.

In short, it can be said to make complaints about everything. We can generally understand the word as a sentence that is not unfamiliar to all of us, that is, 'men don't have a good thing'.

One second before Yanxi's attack on the rich guard, Yanxi vowed to marry Yingluo as her wife. As a result, Richard's bodyguard married Er Qing and Fu Heng was also called big pig hoof.