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How to care for the cause of postpartum hair loss

Pregnancy for women, the body hormone will have a lot of changes, especially postpartum hair loss problems plagued many Baoma, so how to care for postpartum hair loss? How long will postpartum hair loss last?

1、 Causes of postpartum hair loss

1. Great changes in hormon

During pregnancy, the rapid increase of oestrogen will lengthen the life span of hair follicles, but it will decrease rapidly after childbirth, so there will be a large number of hair loss problems starting to occur about three to four months after childbirth.

Warm reminder: if you have thyroid disease, or the nutritional imbalance caused by weight loss, partial diet, etc., you will also have hair loss.

2. Caused by fatigue and oppression

Because mothers consume a lot of physical energy during pregnancy and childbirth, they have to continue to take care of newborns who are not used to the outside world after childbirth, and even have other aspects of stress, which are the common reasons for hair loss.

Postnatal hair loss is the most disturbing problem for mothers.

2、 Duration of postpartum hair loss

1. Hair cycle

Most women will encounter hair loss after childbirth. However, the hair loss after childbirth actually belongs to the normal life cycle of hair physiology. The influence of hormon after childbirth will cause the cycle time to be very fast, so as long as you relax your mood, you don't need to be too tense.

2. About half a year improvement

After giving birth to a baby, hair loss is not caused by hair follicle damage. Therefore, about half a year, the hair follicle will enter the growth stage again, and new hair will begin to grow, and the situation will gradually get better.

3、 How to care for postnatal hair loss?

1. Strengthen nutrition supplement

It is absolutely necessary to supplement protein nutrition, such as pork, fish, fresh milk, eggs, etc. it can also add vitamins and minerals and other nutrients. In particular, women's postpartum care, in addition to their own health, is more balanced for the sake of their babies.

2. Emotional stability

In addition to the normal order of hair washing, plus the normal diet and living habits, as well as good and continuous exercise habits, the better way is to maintain emotional stability and pleasure. Therefore, even if there has been a problem of falling, there is no point in worrying all the time. It's better to treat it with ease.