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Does newa beauty instrument work

In recent years, the beauty instrument is the favorite in the beauty market, not to mention the recommended use of various international superstars, which is the scientific principle of beauty instrument everywhere, and also convincing people. How about the beauty instrument? How about the effect of the newa beauty instrument praised by a celebrity? Let's get to know today.

How about newa beauty instrument

Newa is the latest purchase of beautiful cultivation. In addition, it has to be mentioned that the effect of beauty instrument is really much better than skin care products, which is probably only understood by experienced people. For example, Corelli cleanser with a cheap cleanser is still cleaner than you wash with CPB Cleanser by hand. Newa acts on the bottom layer of the skin to stimulate collagen regeneration, which is impossible for any so-called muscle bottom solution and collagen skin care products. Collagen is hard to be absorbed by the skin by application and oral administration. Therefore, with the growth of age, the lost collagen is really hard to be recovered.

Newa has used it twice so far, mainly to improve facial lines, enrich Apple muscles, and wrinkle my mother's face, but my mother has been too lazy to use it recently, so I became a mouse. Beauty instrument is generally recommended to be forbidden during pregnancy. It can be used after 6 months of lactation. However, lactation generally has little impact, so I am also using it at present. I have also consulted the makeup blogger who owns multiple beauty instruments and is also in lactation. She has been using it since she was born.

How to use newa beauty instrument

Massage left face and right face in circles for 4 minutes.

There are two levels of electrode strength. I usually drive to the second level directly. Connect the power supply, squeeze the gel to cover the electrode, and it will soon enter a stable temperature. Newa has its own time setting. When the time comes, it will send out a sound reminder, so I usually watch the play while I'm doing it.

The most intuitive feeling with newa is that after finishing it, you will obviously feel the fading of smile lines, and the skin feels very smooth. I feel that I will not use p smile lines when I take photos last year.

I hope this article can be helpful to the students who want to buy the frequency injection beauty instrument~

How to insist on using beauty instrument

Method 1: put newa beside the facial cleanser

Even if you are lazy, you can't avoid washing your face every day, so it's a good way to remind you to use newa and facial cleanser together. Moreover, before using newa, you should wash your face. Put newa and facial cleanser together to make these two steps work together.

Method 2: put newa beside the computer

Almost every day, we use computers. When you feel tired when facing the computer for a long time, you will pick up the newa and relax while using it to experience physical and mental pleasure.

Method 3: set the image of newa to the wallpaper of mobile phone

Mobile phone is something we can't do without. Set the picture of newa as the wallpaper of mobile phone. As soon as you open the mobile phone, you can see the newa, and then remind yourself to use it.