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What's the matter with the first lady beating the tender model violently? The president's backyard c

The son and the young model are playing together, and the mother, Fawei, is hurting people with her hands. A common "dog blood" bridge in a vulgar play was staged in South Africa last weekend. It turns out that there will be fire in the backyard of the president of the country. Let's follow Xiaobian to see what's going on?

As things ferment, the 'transnational violence' has now turned into an international scandal. It is said that if the 'first lady' of Zimbabwe, Grace & middot Mugabe, wants to avoid the lawsuit, he may have to go to Mugabe, who is more than 90 years old, to find people himself. Public opinion laments that for the old president, the wife and children who often have trouble are really a "difficult book" in the family.

The violence took place in a high-end hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa, Wednesday, xinzimbabwean news network reported. One of the victims of the incident, 20-year-old South African model Gabriella & middot; Engels, dictated that she and two female friends met Grace's two sons at the hotel at the time of the incident. It is said that they met through an intermediary the day before, and the girls did not know the identity background of the two men. That night, grace came to the door angrily with 10 bodyguards. She grabbed a wiring board and attacked three girls. Blood was splashed everywhere in the room. The victim got away with the help of a hotel security guard. Engels said she had 14 stitches in her head, while Grace's son and bodyguard watched without interfering during the violence.

it was only after the victim learned that the middle-aged woman who committed the murder was the 'first lady' of Zimbabwe. According to the associated press, Engels reported the case to the police the next day and offered to go to court with grace, but her two friends chose to remain silent and so far unwilling to face the media. Grace played "disappear" and missed a hearing scheduled for the 15th. At that time, there was a rumor that the suspect had secretly "absconded back home", which made the public in South Africa furious. But it wasn't long before South African officials came forward to 'refute the rumour', saying the suspect was still in South Africa. According to the country's police, grace has entrusted a team of lawyers and representatives of the Zimbabwean government to contact the South African authorities and apply for diplomatic immunity to try to exempt her from the lawsuit. At present, relevant matters are still under discussion. Grace was recently treated in South Africa for a foot injury and was not holding a diplomatic passport, the Independent reported. Legal experts believe that if her trip is characterized as a private trip, it will not meet the standards of diplomatic immunity. However, due to the relationship between the two countries' diplomatic relations, grace is likely to take over her husband's mantle and become the next president of Zimbabwe in the future, and the litigation matters are unlikely to be resolved in the end.

According to BBC, grace was just a typist in Zimbabwe's parliament building in the early years, and was chosen by Mugabe by chance. In Tianjin, the "first lady" has long been a person with mixed reputation. Many supporters appreciate her forthright character. Her philanthropy in China is also highly praised. But the opponents especially despised her lavish lifestyle, calling her "Gucci & middot; grace" to satirize her love for luxury brands. And her strong 'violent tendencies' have made her particularly famous internationally. There are Zimbabwean politicians who have said unkindly that grace is a "violent" person, often verbally threatening people or even directly "roughing up". According to the huffin post, grace had quarreled with media workers in Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore. The wife is always in trouble, and the son is not worried. According to the Zimbabwe news website 'nehanda radio', Mugabe and Grace's son Robert the younger were arrested in Dubai in 2006 for drug-related crimes. As the UAE is extremely strict in sentencing drug-related crimes, Mugabe has to shelve important matters, go to Dubai in person to "fish for people", and pay about $1.5 million in diamonds to the authorities.

President Robert Mugabe flew to South Africa on the 16th to attend the 37th summit of the southern African Development Community (SADC) hosted by the country, and is likely to take this opportunity to 'rescue' his wife, the Africa independence News Network said. According to sources, Mugabe had previously communicated with South African President Zuma on the matter. According to the media, Grace's lawyers had previously advised clients to strictly abide by South African legal procedures, appear in person to accept the guilty defense and pay the full amount of fines, so as to avoid becoming 'fugitives' or being blacklisted.