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Why eating areca can cause cancer? What are the hazards of eating areca many people like betel nuts, especially male friends. However, eating betel nuts for many years will cause great harm and side effects to our bodies. Do you know that betel nuts cause cancer?

Is betel nut carcinogenic

Betel nut causes cancer.

Areca catechu was listed as the first carcinogen by the International Cancer Research Institute of the World Health Organization in 2003, which is the same grade as tobacco. That is to say, betel nut has confirmed carcinogenicity to human beings, and according to statistics, more than half of the world's oral cancer patients occur in South Asia and Southeast Asia, which have the habit of chewing betel nut.

Why areca can cause cancer

Arecoline is contained in areca nut. If oral mucosa is damaged during chewing, it will lead to oral submucosa fibrosis under the long-term comprehensive effect. This is a precancerous disease, with the possibility of 2.3% - 7.6% turning into oral cancer. And many areca products, often mixed with tobacco ingredients, will increase the risk of inducing oral cancer.

The harm of betel nut

1. Affect teeth: chewing areca nut for a long time will aggravate tooth wear and affect tooth health.

2. Influence periodontium: areca fiber is thick and hard, which can stab gum or block the gap of teeth, causing gingival compression and inflammation.

3. Effect on oral cavity: areca nut is hard and easy to cause mechanical injury to oral mucosa when chewing.

4. Impact on temporomandibular joint: long term chewing will increase the load of temporomandibular joint, causing joint bounce, pain and other symptoms. In severe cases, it can also lead to perforation of the articular disc.

5. Affect digestive system: some components of areca nut will damage taste nerve and saliva secretion, and affect digestive function. In addition, areca dregs also stimulate the gastric wall, which can lead to inflammation and even perforation of gastric mucosa.

6. Affect beauty: when chewing betel nut, the purplish red juice will also dye black teeth, affecting the beauty of teeth.

7. Poisoning: excessive consumption of betel nut will produce poisoning symptoms, with mild excitement, dull eyes, shaking all over the body, unsteady walking, strange or rough behavior; severe poisoning will lead to acute psychosis, including hallucination, self expansion, forced delusion, delirium, etc.

Who can't eat areca

Pregnant women and infants should not take it;

① "Dietotherapy herbal": eat more fever.

② "Materia medica Jing Shu": disease belongs to Qi deficiency. Spleen and stomach deficiency, although there is stagnation, should not be used; heart and abdominal pain without retention and non insect attack should not be used; disease should not be used. All diseases belong to the deficiency of yin and Yang and the deficiency of medium Qi, but not the stagnation of stomach and intestines and the fullness of food, which should be avoided.

③ This sutra meets the original: all diarrhea and dysentery after malaria should not be used