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When can the most accurate pregnancy test stick be used again

Pregnancy test stick is the most convenient and simple method for women to detect whether they are pregnant, and its accuracy is also very high. So how to use the pregnancy test stick? When is the pregnancy test most accurate? Can I use the pregnancy test again? Let's look at these problems together.

Can pregnancy test stick be reused

No, the main thing is that after using it, the effect will only be saved for 10 minutes, and it will fail.

The pregnancy test stick can't be reused. Basically, it's effective within ten minutes after testing. If it's over time, it won't be used. The morning urine test results of pregnancy test stick will be accurate. As long as two lines are displayed, it will prove that you are pregnant. Generally, there won't be any mistakes.

Not reusable. Generally, it can be detected 7 days after the menstrual cycle is postponed or 10 to 14 days after the same room. Two red lines on the test paper indicate positive, that is, pregnancy. In addition, you can go to the hospital for blood HCG examination after 7 days of sexual life, which is the most accurate method to check pregnancy.

Of course, it's one-off. Once it's used, chemical reactions take place, and it can't be used anymore.

Normally. Ten days after sex, we can go to the hospital for hCG test, which can preliminarily determine whether we are pregnant. Generally speaking, the pregnancy test stick should be tested about one week after menstruation delay before it has clinical significance.

When is the most accurate pregnancy test

The 10 days after menstruation is the most accurate.

1. In general, it is the most accurate for a woman to use the pregnancy test if her menstruation is delayed for more than 10 days, because the pregnancy test is mainly to determine whether she is pregnant by detecting the content of hCG in the urine of women of childbearing age. Because there are certain differences in hCG emissions of different women, it is likely that the test results obtained by using the pregnancy test bar prematurely are not accurate, while the test results obtained by delaying menstruation are 1 The highest concentration of hCG was found in women's urine at day 0, so the test results were often the most accurate.

2. In normal menstruation, the general pregnancy test stick can be used on the first day of menstruation. There is no problem in using it at any time of the day, but the first urination after getting up in the morning will be more accurate, because the hCG concentration at that time is relatively high.

3. The detection is relatively accurate one month after pregnancy or 7-10 days after menopause. The first urination in the morning should be selected when using, and the accuracy will be higher.

Notes on using pregnancy test stick

1. Avoid taking too much water the night before the test, which may cause you to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, or dilute hormones and affect the pregnancy test.

2. Some hormonal drugs may also affect the results of the test. Avoid taking drugs 12 hours before the test.

3. During the monitoring, the pregnancy test stick is weakly positive, and it should be assumed that it has been pregnant, and timely go to the hospital for examination. If the test result is negative, but the menstruation is delayed, another test can be done after a week. If it still shows that it is not pregnant, go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

4. Check if the pregnancy test stick is expired.

5. When using the pregnancy test stick, pay attention to the production date on the packing box. Do not use the expired test card, because the chemical will be invalid after a long time.

6. Read the instructions carefully before the pregnancy test.

7. In order to reduce the probability of test inaccuracy, before going to the bathroom for specific operation, carefully read the instructions of the test card, and then carefully follow the instructions.