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What does Weilong girl mean? Who is Weilong girl

"Yanxi strategy" is very popular recently. In the early stage, you circle the emperor and the empress with powder. In the back, you circle with powder by Yingluo and the emperor. Recently, there is a Weilong girl, which means Yingluo and the emperor's loyal powder. Let's have a look at more explanations for Weilong girl.

What does Weilong girl mean

In fact, it's similar to the previously popular soul girl. Weilong girl refers to the CP powder of Wei Yingluo and the emperor in the recently popular TV series "Yanxi strategy".

At the beginning of the TV drama "Yanxi strategy", CP was unable to extricate himself after everyone fell in love with the emperor. Qin LAN rubbed, killed gently, kissed his forehead, and was full of dog food. Then, in the recently broadcast drama collection, our official match finally came. Not only that, the emperor and Yingluo CP have more and more drama, Wei Yingluo successfully attracted the emperor's attention, the emperor began to intersperse memories of his and Yingluo's little, slowly made the emperor fascinated by her, needless to say, she was right. The real crying Liao, everyone passing by, come to see our Weilong girl. The official can't live without her hand. It's a super band feeling of sugar and sugar. Two awkward people stab and stab in various ways. The strong and strong unite. Both of them want face. The later scene can be said to be super expectation!

In the latest plot, the emperor Yingluo is sweet and the Weilong girl is smiling! Yingluo is so fond of love that she likes it! Er Qing betrays Fu Heng's brother and gives birth to someone else's son. He wants to start again with Fu Heng?!

Weilong girl

In short, it is the CP powder of the emperor and Wei Yingluo in the TV series "Yanxi strategy". Many netizens like the painting style of the two people together.

At the beginning of the plot, the emperor's favorite woman is empress Fucha. The emperor is very good to the empress. If there is any good thing, you must think of her first. Anyway, the emperor is the wife of all kinds of strength. He is very gentle and considerate to the empress.

Wei Yingluo was taken care of by the empress shortly after she entered the palace. The empress transferred her to her side and taught her how to read, understand and behave herself. Wei Yingluo grew rapidly under the guidance of the empress, and later became a female official in the palace.

At first, the Emperor didn't like weiyingluo. After all, weiyingluo had too many ghost ideas and was often teased by weiyingluo. As time went on, the emperor was also attracted by the clever and eccentric maid. However, Wei Yingluo and Fu Heng, the younger brother of the empress, have been living together for a long time.

The emperor was a gentle and delicate man. He was able to treat Yingluo like this, and there was a misunderstanding between him and Yingluo. Later, the misunderstanding between the two was cleared up. The Emperor gave all his love to Yingluo, who finally became the emperor's imperial concubine.

I lost, holding high the flag after the order, I actually want to be a Weilong girl. Why is every notice so suffocating!!

Back very pet ah, Wei long girls hi up!!! A Si dotes on Wei's sister very much, and a Si is a man who dislikes integrity. He likes to be dead and pretend!