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How much does it cost to take a picture with a human demon in Thailand? Precautions for taking photo

the most important thing to go to Thailand is to take a picture with the human demon, but how much is the tip? Now, due to the implementation of the ban on South Korea, the number of Chinese tourists to South Korea has also decreased a lot, but many people have turned their tourism purposes to Thailand, Thailand not only has many tourist attractions, the most important thing is to see the true appearance of the human demon! Then how many days do you go to Thailand to have a picture with the human demon? Do you want a tip for a picture with a monster?

Prepare 5 yuan as a tip before going out. In Thailand, the practice of tipping is 20 baht each time (the exchange rate is about 1 RMB = 4.3 baht), 5 yuan is a little more than 20 baht, and the local people are more willing to accept the RMB.

The most famous and beautiful banshees in Thailand are Tiffany banshees of Pattaya. After the performance, they often appear in exaggerated dresses, with gorgeous clothes and dresses, slim and beautiful figures, scratched heads and flirted with each other. Looking back, they have a myriad of emotions.

Take photos with the audience outside the theater, 40 baht for beautiful people, 20 baht for ordinary people, and tips are their main source of income, so the banshees beckon the audience to take photos with them.

Take a picture with an ordinary human demon and give 20 tips. If you touch the human demon's chest, you need 100. It's about 20 yuan for 100 plants.

Photo fee tips:

1. In Pattaya tourism, when taking a picture with the human demon, you must ask the price, because it is possible to charge by hand or by part.

2. There are special people taking photos for you in each scenic spot of Pattaya, but the photos are charged. Prices range from about 100 to 200 baht.

3. The exchange rate between RMB and Thai baht is about 1:4.8 (based on the current price), and the exchange rate of the airport is lower than that of the tour guide. It is suggested to exchange the baht with the tour guide, and the last remaining baht can also be exchanged for RMB at the exchange rate at the beginning of the exchange.