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How to keep pace with the peace elite

How to keep pace with the peace elite in the peace elite game, many players will listen to the footsteps to identify the enemy's position. The exposure of footsteps makes it easy for the enemy to determine their specific position. However, we can make the opponent unable to determine where you are by stepping lightly. Today, I will teach you how to step lightly.

Static walking method:

Click and hold the middle of the virtual rocker, move slowly in one direction, it will be very slow, but the sound will also be very light. When you find someone around you, you can use this slow to go to his side and attack.

Silent walking is generally used for short distance, not for long distance. When you find a situation in a building, you can use static walking to touch the building and attack.

PS: players can choose to stoop to walk, so the walking sound will be smaller.

Position discrimination skill

Use the left and right channels to identify the position. The first thing that rings there is which side. Novices can predict the position every time, guess it all the time, guess that they have made hundreds of mistakes, and get familiar with it thousands of times. Then we will be able to identify the position.