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What's the matter with bitter mouth? What diseases cause bitter mouth

It's often said that the mouth is bitter. How can the mouth be bitter without eating any bitter food or medicine? In fact, this is the body predicting discomfort. What's the matter with the mouth bitter? What diseases cause bitter mouth? Let's have a look.

What is the cause of bitter mouth

In daily life, the body will be uncomfortable for various reasons, such as the bitter taste of the mouth. At this time, you should pay attention to that the body may have turned on the red light.

1. Caused by gastrointestinal disease. For example, esophagitis, chronic stomach, peptic ulcer, late gastric malignant change, etc. are caused by poor gastric motility, bile reflux and heartburn. Improper diet, its gastrointestinal function sluggish, eating food in the gastrointestinal stay too long, it is easy to produce damp heat, will cause suffering. Eating too much spicy food can also cause bitter mouth.

2. Caused by hepatobiliary disease. According to traditional Chinese medicine, bitter mouth is mainly caused by damp heat. The heat and dampness of liver and gall may be caused by inflammation in the liver and gall. For example, when the liver or gallbladder is inflamed, the abnormal bile excretion causes bitter mouth.

3. Caused by certain chronic diseases. In addition, cancer patients may feel bitter in the mouth due to the increase of the sweet valve and the decrease of the bitter valve, so they should be vigilant.

4. Gallbladder disease causes mouth pain. Gall bladder disease, often has the symptom of bitter mouth. For gallbladder diseases such as cholecystitis and gallstones, the bile involved in the decomposition of fat originally needs to flow through the duodenum, and gallbladder diseases will cause part of the bile to be secreted to the stomach, and the bile in the stomach will cause the patient's mouth to suffer when sleeping at night.

5. Special diseases cause bitter mouth. In addition to the problems of the digestive system, such as liver, gall and gastrointestinal tract, which will cause suffering, if the human body suffers from some special systemic diseases, it will also feel bitter in the mouth. For example, diabetics and patients with endocrine disorders, because the hormone balance in the body is broken, will make the body tired and feverish, so there is a bitter mouth dry phenomenon.

What to do with a bitter mouth

1. Fire removing tea

Try to drink tea water to reduce the fire, because it will not have any side effects on your body, so it is recommended that people who have just had a bitter mouth do not rush to drink gunpowder, try fire tea. If it lasts for a long time, it is recommended to go to the hospital first to check if there is any problem with your liver, and then consult your doctor to take the medicine.

2. Brush your teeth

If you have a bitter mouth, you should pay more attention to the cleanness of the tongue coating when brushing your teeth, because there are many dirty things on the tongue coating, and generally speaking, the things that smell are attached to the tongue coating.

3. Arrange your life reasonably

Arrange your life reasonably. No matter how tired you are in study or work, you should develop good work and rest habits. Eat more fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins, cellulose, help to prevent the body's oxidation, delay aging.

4. Pay attention to sleep

Sleep at the same time, although the body does not move, but in fact, there are huge changes in the body. Sleep can nourish our Qi and blood, and also make our eyes tired for a day. The brain gets plenty of rest. In fact, it's better for adults to go to bed before 11 o'clock, but generally our workload doesn't allow us to rest so early, but we must go to bed before 12 o'clock.

5. Pay attention to sports

Nowadays, the social rhythm is faster and faster, and the time really belongs to everyone is less and less. Even if you are busy, you should spare time for physical exercise! You should know that proper exercise is necessary for good health. Exercise can enhance the body's immunity, make people happy, and accelerate the metabolism in the body.

6. Eat less spicy and greasy food

Since it's a problem with the mouth, we must treat it from the mouth. We should eat less spicy and stomach stimulating food, as well as fried and greasy food. These things will affect the normal metabolism of the body.

How to prevent oral diseases

1. Remove the food stuffing between teeth in time. In the process of chewing food, food fibers are often sandwiched between teeth, which are harmful to teeth and periodontal tissues. We can brush our teeth to keep our mouth clean.

2. Nourish your teeth. The development of teeth is inseparable from all kinds of nutritious food. Therefore, whether adults or children, diet should be diversified, not partial.

3. Develop the right chewing habits. The right way to chew is to use it alternately on both sides.

4. Correct bad habits that damage teeth. Some infants and children because sucks the thumb, licks the tooth, bites the tooth, opens the mouth breath, bites the lips and so on habits, causes the tooth dislocation and the deformity. Correcting bad habits is good for dental health care.