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How do peace elites run and press guns? Peace elites run and press guns

How do peace elites run and press guns? Peace elites run and press guns this year, the peace elite is the hottest game in the field of mobile games. The peace elite highly restored the survival of the Jedi. In fact, whether it is survival competition or shooting games, this is to a large extent to test the shooting skills of players. It's very important to learn how to press guns. Let's see how to press guns in the movement of peace elites.

seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function:

Players through the left and right shaking, shooting at the same time, easier to kill the enemy. In this way, it's not easy for the enemy's bullets to hit themselves. If the enemy deliberately aims, it will follow your rhythm and fall into the downwind. However, the moving target is not fixed. This skill needs to be slightly adjusted according to the different environment and the different use of firearms.

1、 Precautions in different environments: the environments in which players and enemies fight for guns can be roughly divided into two categories:

Outdoor and indoor. If the player has a gun battle with the enemy in the wild, and there is no shelter around, we can use some big moves to confuse the opponent. For example, shake to attack the enemy left and right, squat or lie down suddenly and so on, let the enemy's target fall, and then take this opportunity to raise the muzzle of the gun and kill the enemy.

In contrast to the outdoor environment, the indoor environment is narrow. At this time, if you do a large-scale action, you may bump into a certain place, be limited to walk in the moment of Caton, and easily be seized by the opponent. So when fighting with the enemy in the house, there should be some walking positions, but they are different from the outdoor. The more feasible way is as follows. With the help of the shelter to block the field of vision, the rapid flash of fire and strafing will occur, and the general strafing will be to 15-20 bullets to withdraw. At this time, the enemies who react will generally empty many bullets, so that they can get the advantage of the gun.

2、 When using different firearms, first of all, players need to be clear:

Sniper gun is not suitable for moving target shooting, the reason is self-evident, as for other fully automatic guns, you can use the skill. In the middle and long range, we can consider switching to single point mode for mobile shooting. This kind of attack mode can constantly put pressure on the enemy, and also can ensure that there are enough bullets to shoot, so as not to hit the empty cartridge clip with a shuttle because of rapid strafing. Facing shotgun and pistol opponents is the same, and the advantage of mobile shooting is more obvious, which is reflected in the early landing and entertainment mode.

After mastering the theoretical knowledge of mobile target fighting, players can enter the game to engage with the enemy, and experience the practicality of this fighting skill. When players use this method, they can also deepen their understanding of gun knowledge and regard it as the transition of mastering gun pressing skills. I hope you can practice this skill in the game, and then you can show your skill at the moment of the gun.