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Which gun does peace elites hurt the most peace elites hurt the list

Which gun does peace elites hurt the most peace elites hurt the list the peace elite is a popular game this year. Hundreds of people fled and killed. Finally, one person survived to make the game thrilling and exciting. In the game, many players like powerful weapons, which can kill the enemy. Which one of the peace elite's guns does the most damage? Let's take a look at the peace elite weapons damage ranking.

Before we talk about the ranking of guns, let's talk about something else, except shooting. In fact, the first is the bombing area. The second should be vehicles. The third is the grenade.

Fifth: pistol r1895

A lot of little friends certainly didn't expect that the revolver is a second shot for the first level head, and the attack distance is very far, so the effect of stealing people is very good, but people generally don't stand to give you points, and if you are far away, you want to point to the end unless you are a 50 inch monitor.

Fourth: the equal spurt of all living beings

No matter what the armor is. The whole body, the third class A and the third class head are all equal in front of everyone. There is no dispute that the spurt can be ranked fourth. Although it can be ranked in the top several places, considering the neutral life of the spurt, there are not too many partners, so it has not been ranked in the top three.

Third: M24 and 98K.

Both 98K and M24 are sniper guns with one shot to detonate the secondary head. I feel that 98K is less and less recently, and M24 is not common, so they are very rare. After all, if you don't brush the third level head, you can't reduce the refresh rate of sniper gun. To keep the game in balance.

Second: Crossbow

Crossbow is nicknamed assassin. Quietly take away the enemy's name. It's also the first shot of level three. And there's no sound in killing.

First: AWM

This is a gun that is very difficult to obtain. It can only appear in the airdrop supply box. It can refresh the rate of the pole. In order to grab the airdrop, it must be killed. And there are only 20 bullets. But the third level head is also a second shot. Level 3 bulletproof vest with two guns.

The above is the injury list summarized by Xiaobian. Is it very scientific? Let's have a look. When you meet someone with these weapons, you need to walk around. But seeing the crossbow and revolver, you must be jumping up to fight others, right?