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How to obtain peace elite auspicious clothing

How to obtain peace elite auspicious clothing many peace elites feel that there is only one Geely suit in the whole venue, and it is only available in airdrop. In fact, many senior chicken eaters know that Geely suits can be found in many places. The following editor will teach you to brush to several places of Geely suits to make you enjoy eating chicken.

In the training ground of Jedi survival and peace elite, there are actually three places to pick up auspicious clothes.

1、 First, to the shore next to the parking lot, we need to go to the island in the center of the lake. Generally speaking, we can go by boat, but if we don't have a boat, we can move forward with a grenade, which will save us a lot of time.

2、 In the first picture above, in some grass of the racetrack

3、 In addition to the island in the middle of the lake and some grass in the racetrack, it's also possible that it's a little difficult to brush the Geely suit in this place. First, use a hand grenade or the roof beside the car, and then jump to the shed.