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"Who are we" cartoon burst the circle of friends, the new way of releasing the pressure of professio

From the hundred points of life to Tucao assembly, the transformation of friends circle seems to be in a flash. A group of cartoon comics who are in the circle of friends in recent years, and people from all walks of life have been tucking up. Have you taken part in it?

Yesterday afternoon, a group of "we are who" theme comics airborne big social platform, netizens rushed to join in the fun, with this comic book, to the occupation happily vomit trough.

"Who are we? Party A! What are we going to do? We don't know! When do we want it? Now!" this cartoon was widely circulated in the advertising circle, which included Party B's tucked up to Party A, and also became the self ridicule of many Party A. However, after the adaptation of various industry partners, caricature has been given more connotation.

The planner's self ridicule is carried out as follows: 'who are we? Planning! What are we going to do? Digging! Who to dig? Design department, engineering department, finance department, brand department, sales department, all of them!'

Tucao cartoon comic screen, does it mean that the majority of netizens are complains, careless work and life? Reporters interviewed several employees of different positions randomly, they all said it was not so, this is actually a life flavoring agent. One of the white-collar workers seriously told reporters: 'this is to release emotions, not that I am tired of my work, but it is actually a reflection. My work may not be perfect, I know that, but I still love it. Tucao goes to Tucao and works to work. 'after all, people in every position have their own difficulties, and those who can accept challenges to complete tasks will be satisfied and feel fulfilled. '