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How to fight for peace elite rainforest

How to fight for peace elite rainforest the peace elite tropical rainforest map has been online for a while. Because of its abundant materials, it is also popular with many players. There is no need to worry about finding guns in the tropical rainforest. However, even so, the competition in the tropical rainforest is fierce. How to play the tropical rainforest map? Now I'll give you a chicken eating strategy.

[map features]

The rainforest map is taken from Thailand, but there is a tropical jungle style in Southeast Asia, that is, the feeling of tropical jungle. There are a lot of vegetation, that is, a lot of animals and fruits are missing. It's estimated that it will blow up, ha ha. The trees and grasslands of the rainforest map are more colorful and the scenery is better, which not only increases the concealment of the players, but also attracts everyone to see the scenery!

In this map, only the resource points are houses. There is almost no great plain. All of them are endless forests. Stones and trees are very good as natural shelters to protect themselves.

[play method change]

Because of the small reasons, this map will be the most intense in the beginning and the last battle, especially when landing, the dense umbrella, if the shooting method is not good, do not come out, search for several weapons in the house, hiding in the room is the most sensible choice for the shady man, so the grenade can attack the building very well, and more grenades and incendiary bombs should be picked up. But there are also disadvantages. The vision of the little friend hiding in the house is very narrow, and he can't see the people outside at all.

Play 1: the top of the mountain has got a very good view. The highest point of this map is only the top of the mountain. The houses are very low. And there are many bunkers that will not stand on the highest ground and be set on fire by the enemy.

Fighting method 2: find some stones that can conceal yourself well at the mountainside, and shoot with probe, which can be used to block the enemies moving underground and in the mountainside. Of course, watch out for Voldemort.

The above is the introduction of Jedi survival and peace elite rainforest map playing strategy. This map auspicious clothing is very abnormal and will not be found basically, so lyb is very popular. To learn more about Jedi survival and peace elite strategy, please pay attention to 87g Jedi survival and peace elite!