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How to brush the peace elite night vision instrument the latest version of peace elite has added the day night alternation mode to make the play more diversified. After entering the peace elite island mode, the kids will appear randomly. The most important prop in the night scene is the night vision instrument. Where is the night vision instrument of peace elite? Let's have a look.

Introduction of refresh position of night and day mode night vision instrument

"Peace elite" experience service updates a new mode: day and night mode. This mode can be said to be very fun. In the game, you can experience the feeling from day to night. And there's a new prop of night vision instrument, which can make you see better in the dark mode.

First of all, the night vision instrument can only be found in the day and night mode. If it is only in the normal mode, the night vision instrument will not appear. The day and night mode is random, and the sign is obvious, that is, the word "day and night alternation" will appear in the lower right corner. If it appears, it means that you are playing the day and night mode.

In the 'day night alternation mode', the 'night vision instrument' is a high-level prop. The places with high probability of output certainly belong to those large resource areas, such as hilltop ruins, G port, P City, military base, etc. in addition, some people say that they can also be found in the airdrop. If you are lucky enough to find the night vision instrument, you must keep it! Because its effect in the night is very obvious.

The above is where to brush the Jedi survival and peace elite night vision instrument and refresh all contents of the distribution location list. To learn more about Jedi survival and peace elite strategies, please pay attention to the four seas network life channel!