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What is the best mirror for the peace elite? Which is the best mirror for the peace elite

What is the best mirror for the peace elite? Which is the best mirror for the peace elite everyone is eager to get the double mirror of peace elites, but the higher the double mirror is, the better. Although the eight times mirror can be seen far away, if it can't be killed in one shot, it's a waste in hand. Which double mirror of peace elites is the best one to use? Let's have a look.

What's the best multiplier in the game??? Which multiplier do you want to use?

Many babies are not very clear. So Xiaobian will introduce to you today which one is better to use in the game.

The most recommended background is 4x mirror. A quadruple mirror is a double mirror that can attack from a long distance and is also suitable for attack from a short distance. Because the most important function of a magnifying glass is to magnify something in the distance. So quadruple mirror is actually a artifact. This is the biggest quadruple mirror that Xiaobian suggests you can use. It can effectively enlarge things in the distance, and the recoil force is relatively small.

In fact, the eight times mirror looks very powerful, but it is only suitable for sniper gun to use when it is far away. If you are a normal attack, it is not as good as the four times mirror. The eight times mirror will magnify the distance too much at once, and you will easily lose your target at once. And in the case of eight times the mirror, the recoil force is very large. So much recoil, you can't hit people.

Two times the mirror. It's just close. It's not useful in the distance. Holographic words are almost the same.

Some people like red dot very much, such as my teammates, but there is no need for me to pretend this. If it's a close play, there is no chance for you to open red dot. You pick up the gun is a sudden, faster than who, who play more accurate, there is no time for you to open the red dot. Once you open it and aim, someone else has already ejected five or six rounds.