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How peace elites rob airdrops

How do peace elites snatch the air drop and peace elites snatch the air drop skill summary most of the friends who play the peace elite have tried to fight for airdrop, even if they lose their lives. There are three-level armor and high-level guns in airdrop, which naturally attracts many people to fight for their lives. But there are skills to fight for airdrop? Let's take a look at the skills of the peace elites in air dropping.

1. Preparation stage

As shown in the picture, the red smoke airdrop is located on the hillside, which is open and dense with trees. However, the hillside is full of crisis. The surrounding wild area may lurk many enemies. Before we rush to the hillside, please make sure that there is a car to protect us. Jumping and motorcycles can reduce the risk of rollover on the hillside and drive more stably. If we can drive these two kinds of cars, the obstacles in front of us will be further reduced. On the route, try to pack both sides of the airdrop and grab. If it's a double row, it's better to go on the hillside. One team mate is in charge of the driver's position, and the other is aiming the gun head at the bottom of the hillside. This division of labor can reduce the pressure of us to grab the airdrop.

2. It is obvious that there is a huge risk in the rush.

When the friends came to the hillside, but found a large number of enemies, we can hide in the nearest house next to the checkpoint. It is recommended to use 98K to crouch and defend. First, open the mirror outside the door, lower the collimation to the enemy's abdomen position, and then hit forward. Because 98K has vertical recoil force, the trajectory direction will always move upward, so using single sniper point shooting can improve the probability of knock down. When found by the enemy, throwing smoke bombs at the front can avoid the attack of the other party, and also give us the opportunity to change direction.

3. The next step is to grab materials directly.

Airdrop materials are relatively diverse, which can be taken away in a single row, but if we rob materials together with our teammates, technology is often the priority to choose props. If there are experts who are good at sniping in the team, when AWM and Geely clothes appear in the materials, we can give them to him, and ask him to squat in the grass or the next high house to cover us; When there are fast rifles such as Aug in the materials, if the front is close to the poison ring, we will give this kind of guns to our teammates in the front, or pick them up and use them by ourselves, so that the distribution before and after is clear at a glance.

4. Face to face fighting. When the boys have come to the hillside to air drop and take away the resources inside, we need to pay close attention to the enemies around us.

There are not many airdrops, but we have to face the siege of many enemies every time. Therefore, we can circle around the airdrop to ensure that the enemy's bullets can not hit us directly. Secondly, we can quickly judge the position of the enemy through flexible walking, and knock them down at fixed points. If the enemy keeps pressing forward and has strong firepower, we can quickly solve the problem by first throwing a dynamite next to the enemy, disrupting the enemy's action track, and then pressing down the gun as soon as the enemy moves.

5. Bait against the enemy

Have you ever thought that empty airdrop materials can be used as bait for us to brush our achievements? It can be understood as follows: when the airdrop materials are located at the height of the hillside, we can go directly to the top of the mountain, hide on the lawn covered by trees, and defend the ground; then, we switch to M24, 98K and other sniper guns for fixed-point strike. Four rows of combat can be divided into 22 teams, that is, two teammates around the airdrop on both sides of the defense, the other two defenders in the highland lawn on the defense, one side of the defense is surrounded by the left and right. It won't be too hard to fight like this.

After reading these playing methods, you should also learn some classic routines. I hope you guys can catch the airdrop and quickly defeat the enemy in the finals!