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How can the night mode of peace elite enter into the night mode of peace elite

How can the night mode of peace elite enter into the night mode of peace elite in the latest version of Jedi survival and peace elites, the biggest update is the addition of night mode, which makes the game play more exciting. However, many little friends don't know how to enter the night mode. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Introduction to the way to enter the night mode of peace elite

The night mode of Jedi survival and elite peace cannot be selected, but randomly appears in the classic mode selected by players in the game. After the game starts, the words of alternating day and night will appear in the bottom right corner of the game screen, which proves that the game is a day and night mode.

In the day night mode game, the game screen will show the day night alternation from day to night, and the visibility at night is very low, so a new props' night vision instrument 'appears in this mode, which can make you clear again in the dark after use.

So in this mode, as long as you put on your Geely suit and equipment and lie in the grass on the night vision device, it's basically no problem to eat chicken.

Brush point rule of night vision instrument

There are two ways to refresh the night vision instrument:

1. Airdrop refresh

2. Random refresh

Airdrop is the most abundant representative of materials, so if you find airdrop, there will be night vision basically, and random locations will generally appear in the more popular areas of the game, and there will also be positions for playing field, just a little less. So in this mode, night vision is very important. We must try our best to get it, or we will not be able to move at night