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When will a good play be shown? Which stars will take part in a good play

A good play is a work directed by Huang Bo in 2018. I know it's a good play just by listening to the movie name. Besides, the cast of this movie is also gorgeous. When is a good play released? Who are the actors in a good play? Let's have a look.

A list of good actors

A good play is starred by Huang Bo, Wang Baoqiang, Shu Qi, Zhang Yixing, etc. the director is also Huang Bo.

Director: Huang Bo

Starring: Huang Bo / Shu Qi / Wang Baoqiang / Zhang Yixing / Yu Hewei / Wang Xun / Li Qinqin / Li Youlin / Xu Zheng / Ning Hao / Guan Hu

Type: Comedy

Producer countries / regions: Mainland China

Language: Mandarin

Release date: 2018-08-10 (mainland China)

Length: 134 minutes

Also known as: millionaire / Fantasy / the island

Ma Jin is in debt, and Xiaoxing, a cousin from a distant home, tries to get rich and marry her colleague Shanshan. One day, all the staff of the company went to sea to build the group. On the way, Ma Jin received the information of the first prize in the lottery, 60 million! Just when the day of Ma Jin's ecstasy of turning over finally came, a sudden huge wave broke everything. The waking people found themselves on a desert island and lost all contact with the outside world.

Is there sun Honglei in a good play

A good play without sun Honglei, sun Honglei's lens was cut off.

In the new issue of yearning for life, the man gang that netizens have been waiting for has finally come. However, in this program, not all the man Gang have arrived, but only Huang Bo and Wang Xun. Although the men's help didn't arrive at Qi, but there was a humorous Huang Bo, so the laughter point of this program is very sufficient.

For example, before Huang Bo arrived at the mushroom house, he asked Huang Lei to make king crab and abalone for him, and then he asked the man who didn't come to the mushroom house to call the mushroom house for his brothers, and then he pretended to order. Even he asked an old woman to call the mushroom house to order, which made the audience laugh.

When Huang Lei knew that Huang Bo was making fun of himself, although he said he wanted Huang Bo to look good and angry, he tried to help Huang Bo promote his new movie when he chatted with him, which showed that Huang Lei and Huang Bo had a very good relationship! As you all know, Huang Bo's first work, a good play, will soon be released on August 10, and Huang Bo and Wang Xun appear on this program for better publicity.

When Huang Lei was promoting Huang Bo's new movie, he also revealed that sun Honglei also participated in the performance in the movie, but the scenes of Huang bodu bar were cut. When he Jiong listened to Huang Lei's words, his face was full of expressions of surprise, because he didn't expect sun Honglei, who was good at acting, to be cut off the camera. After all, if there is sun Honglei's performance in this movie, it will definitely increase the box office for this movie!

Then he Jiong asked Huang Bo why he would cut sun Honglei's lens? Huang Bo replied: 'it's just that his whole performance is better than the leading role. Why do you keep him? 'when the netizens saw Huang Bo's answer, they all left messages saying that he had high EQ, because he not only answered his questions, but also praised sun Honglei's acting skills better than his own!